F-22 Raptor with P-51 Mustang From My Rooftop

6 Decades of Air Supremacy :slight_smile:

Very cool!

Ah, Air Force Heritage Flights.

As an old warbird nut, those things do my heart some good.

The one I liked best a few years back at our local military airfield was a P-47 Thunderbolt and an A-10 Thunderbolt II. Unlike a lot of these flights, you could tell the P-47 wasn’t firewalling its throttle to keep up with the jet, and the A-10 wasn’t on the verge of stalling trying to fly slow enough for its elderly companion.

Looked like an eagle about to pounce on a sparrow. Very cool.

Looking forward to the video 70 years from now where a carefully maintained grandpa F-22 Raptor flies next to…whatever is new and trendy 70 years from now in a Legacy Flight. :smiley:

God I love the sound of a WWII prop engine!

LOL!! I wonder if by that point “Jet Engines” will be considered old technology and we’ll be using anti-matter propulsion or something that has yet to be conceived.

hopefully fighter planes won’t just be remote controlled drones by then…

The F35 might be finished by then.

I surprised at the pretty tight formation flying. Good Job!

I used to live RIGHT under the flight path that was used for airshows.

Some of the pictures taken from the roof of my house are better/more up close than ones take AT the actual airshow. Which I find pretty cool.

Nice OP.

Feh! Neither pilot was even trying to evade the other. (grumble)

Nice video.

One of my favorite heritage vids. The 2 really do look comfortable flying together. The second half of the vid is an F6 and an F18. It really shows what your talking about.