F**k the Catholic League in whichever orifice is most prone to bleeding

Inspired by this CS thread: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=351806 Self-explanatory.

Bill Donohue is an ass and the Catholic League is a joke. And I speak as one who was raised Catholic. There is no organization more dedicated to finding something, anything, to be offended about. Period.

Um…the Rainbow Coalition?


Nah. Rainbow is the junior league amateur wannabe to the Catholic League. As an active Catholic, I find they irritate me far more than they irritate some of their targets. There genuinely is a (for the most part mild) anti-Catholic bias that continues in this country, but by focusing their heaviest condemnation on the most trivial (and often imagined) slights, they make it more difficult to point out legitimate issues.

Nope, not even close. I swear, Donahue could find something offensive in an all you can eat pancake breakfast.

Don’t you realize that pancakes were first made so that housewives could use up their supplies of fat and sugar before the Catholic penitential season of Lent, so making an “all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast” makes light of our solemn Catholic heritage?! Don’t you!?

As a south park fan right from the beginning, I am giddy with anticipation awaiting what Matt and Trey have in store for them.

This is like their ultimate test. If Matt and Trey roll over on this one a lot of my respect will be lost.

*This is the point where I say I disagree with a lot of their opinions (or at least what I can decipher from the show, anyhow) but love it nonetheless.

She abused a sausage pattie
And said “Why don’t you treat me mean?”
(Hurt me, hurt me, hurt me, oooh!)
At Saint Alphonso’s Pancake Breakfast
(Ha! Good God! Get off the bus!)
Where I stole the margarine!
--Frank Zappa

Saint Alphonso’s! Saint Alphonso’s!

waits for offended noises

Weird, that. Some of my earliest memories of personal gluttony were aided and abetted by the KofC and their AYCE pancake breakfasts.

The Knights of Columbus are ANTI_CATHOLIC!!!

I will say, from the description, I’m a tad bit grossed out. Funny, I doubt I’d feel that way if it were depicting Jesus, but for some reasons, my inner Catholic School Girl is cringing. I guess because at a young age, many of us Catholics are taught to see Mary as your Heavenly Mother, so it’s almost as if they’re mocking your mom.

But the more reasonable, mature side of me is amused by the mocking of idiots who see visions of the Virgin in urine stains at a truck stop toilet.

Heh, you said “period”.

If they want to bother. So many people have been offended by South Park it’s sort of pointless to try and mock them all.

Hmm, in general we seem to support prohibition on caricatures of blacks and muslims (by non-blacks and non-muslims) so as not to provide offense to minority groups but this is exactly whats happenning here. True that it is not offensive to all catholics as evidenced by some of the responses here, but given the publicity I’ve been hearing about weeping statues and other stigmata, there are a whole lot of Roman Catholics that would be, and it is incumbant on their leadership to raise protest.

So BrainGlutton exactly what is bugging your ass? Is that episode especially worthy of preservation? Can’t be a free speech issue since the government isn’t involved. So exactly what is the problem for you?

Such is the problem with comedy - somebody will have their feelings hurt.

If yours are hurt, feel free to send your complaints to the appropriate parties and then go on about your business and accept the fact that you are not the center of the universe.

That’s true I suppose, but in this case they manged to stop an episode from getting reaired (if I remember the article correctly).

I just don’t understand why people get offended by South Park. It’s a cartoon for crying out loud (my favorite cartoon ever, but a cartoon just the same). It’s not like the pope wrote the episode or something (I don’t think he did, I suppose I didn’t read the credits, I’m just assuming).

Ya think?! :dubious:

Heh heh. Heh heh heh.

While Catholics still suffer some mild forms of discrimination in the U.S., the days of burning our churches and neighborhoods is long past and we have had Catholics not only become president of the U.S., but of large private corporations, so the need to defend Catholics is not as great as the need to defend other more seriously persecuted groups. (And the CL ought to concentrate its energies on the more serious issues.)

The issue of statues weeping or suffering stigmata is actually one that the church pretty rigorously plays down. The common cry of the people who choose to see divine revelation in such events is that their “worst” opponents tend to be members of the church who are reluctant to give credence to one more leaky roof or incident of bad plumbing. (From that perspective, the CL would have been better off attacking the story line for having any official in the church give the story any credence, thus furthering the lie that the church promotes such things.)

The episode sounded pretty crude–but then, all of South Park is written to be crude. Making a large protest actually bestows gravitas on the show that I doubt that it deserves. (The couple of episodes I’ve seen were funny, but not profound in the manner to which the occasional Simpsons episode rises.)

Since when is the Catholic League the “leadership” of Roman Catholics?

Well I used the term loosely. Do they not represent a significant portion of American catholics?