F*** Zwinkys and IMVU

Seriously, who the hell sees a goddamned popup or banner ad for these things and clicks on them? Where is this underclass of troglodytes who have access to computers and yet use these imbecilic things? Fuck Zwinkys. Fuck IMVU and their na’vi sex fetish.

Believe me, the ads are the least worst thing IMVU does… you oughtha see how they regularly screw their users with their amazing rotating TOS and item ratings system.

Zwinkys? IMVU?

Popups? Banner ads?

Do you use Adblock, or do you really not know what these are?

Zwinky is a brand name for certain web-based games that utilize either fake people or pets that you have to take care of. IMVU is similar. Both tend to seek out private information and make it not private by preying on people who don’t know better. Zwinky games for a while even would download spyware, and probably still would if they weren’t syphoning your info from Facebook.

Oh, and they have a very annoying ad campaign that uses popups and banner ads, usually with flashing and sound. I believe Zwinky even has one for smileys that make noise. (Why?)

And IMVU seems to think the movie Avatar was about how sexually attractive blue people are.

Not that Avatar didn’t suck, but at least it wasn’t about that.

personally I use adblock…so I have no idea what the hell they are, and I also refuse to do the facebook crap [i have a stalker, and the absolute lack of privacy unless you tweak your settings perfectly sucks ass, and last i heard from someone i know on facebook they will apparently randomly change their TOS and you have to go in and keep tweaking your settings to stay private]

Honestly i’ve adblocked the stuff for a while too. Good to see their still using the “sexy” bait. Alot of time you would see items in the ads that a new user wouldn’t even be able to get. They do like to go apeshit when you call em on it though, I’ve seen many a paid user removed from their forums, for asking about things like that.

Back before I got my ad blocker, I used to see the imvu ads with cute teenagers making out. Haven’t seen the Na’vi ones.

This is almost as bad as the Evony ads with the “play now my lord” tag lines.

Probably the same idiots who respond to spam.

About ten years ago I was on a short flight, and my seatmate mentioned how much he appreciated getting offers via email for all sorts of wonderful things he’d never heard of before.

I said, “*You’re *the one who does this to us! They keep sending us that crap because of you!”

I spent the rest of the (mercifully short) flight trying to convince him that spam was a bad thing. I knew it was futile, but it kept me from killing him outright. I truly believe that if the judge had email, I could have used this defense: “Your honor, he needed killin’” (The flight landed in Texas, I presume they would have had jurisdiction over the murder.)

Well, I would have voted to aquit you, and possibly voted for an award for you for ridding the public of a nuisance. Of course, I am Texan…

Umm, he liked the emails?
Who are you to tell him what he should and should not like?

I’m sure if I went through your house I could find things made in sweat shops and/or slave labour, or things that you got cheaply because the company that provided it was able to go into a pour nation and take its resources cheaply.

Just cos most people don’t like some things, doesn’t mean they are bad for everyone.

Just because *you *don’t like ricin in *your *water supply… who the hell are *you *to criticize people who do, Mr. Fancy-pants?! Ur just jealuos!!! LOL@hataz!!

No really, spam is bad for everyone.

Yes, spam IS bad for everyone. It ties up resources for everyone, and it makes things like capchas necessary. If spam was all that great, then spammers wouldn’t have to resort to subterfuge to get emails, now, would they? Most ISPs have to spend a lot of worker hours to deal with spam and spammers, and most domains have to check and empty all the spam for the various unused addresses, too.

Every legitimate business that I deal with always asks me if I want to sign up to get emails. I almost always uncheck that box. And some businesses insist that I MUST provide my email if I want to deal with them, so I give them my spam email address.

It’s a royal pain in the ass to have to check my spam email, because I do need shipping confirmation and all that shit. But once a company starts spamming me, I take them off of my list of “companies that I’ll buy from” and put them on the “companies that I avoid at all costs” list.

Sorry, late responding here.

I didn’t tell him not to purchase from or otherwise support the companies that sent him the emails. I was just trying to convince him not to follow any links in said emails.

I told him you can’t really know where the links are going to take you, and it is much better to enter the info into a search engine and go the company main website.

While I may have privately thought him an idiot, I did not let him know that.

How many 8oz glasses does this nation fill?