Face Off, Season 4 (SyFy Series)

Well, once again, another great episode! Season 4 opened really strong - and I’m damn happy to see Westmoreland be the new teaching judge. As shown last year, he can improve someone’s design, or get them over a hurdle, with just a few simple sentences.

As always, the first show is so hectic. I know there’s at least four people that didn’t speak the whole episode, so I assume they’re the better players who’ll get more screen time later in the episode.

Queen Challenge: It was amazing. You could see who was going to be a prime player, and who was going to get kicked out, with that simple challenge. When not given direction, the recently-released-from-art-school people floundered, and created less-than-aesthetic designs. The scars-but-are-glitter! design? Should have lost.

King Challenge: What the heck is this with the trend of making something visually interesting, then covering it up with a costume? They did this last season, too. I think the volcano-guy could have had slightly higher rankings if they’d shown the chest piece. However, I do agree with the Judge’s choice - That design had been done before, was trite, and that hat was ridiculous!

Overall, it looks to be a fantastic season. The only thing that has pissed me off is that they KEEP SHOWING THE FUTURE CREATIONS before the show happens! Its as bad as movie trailers - they’re showing what we want to be surprised to see.

I saw only the King challenge and, from that alone, I am hoping very hard that half-shaved head guy messes up and gets tossed. Not because I don’t like his designs but because his overblown persona already got on my nerves.

Also, I think I would have sent the girl home. The one who did nothing. At least the big black guy did work.

Yeah, she sold her talents more than the black guy, so they thought she might have more value.

And yeah, funny-ass haircut guy is annoying as hell. Talent, undeniably, but I think I’d go insane if I had to work with him for more than 20 minutes.

My favorite was the grass-covered one. And I agree - they hid their best work under that fake grass.

I was all ready to get mad at funny hair guy, but then his partner painted that skin stuff and he was instantly like “ok, you were right all along”, which bought him a lot of points in my book.

I mean, there’s no excuse for his hair, but…

The talent level this seems even higher. There were some really good designs in that 1st episode. This could be a great season.

That double winner is someone to watch. He won the foundation challenge. Breaks the nose off the life mask and loses valuable time fixing it. Rushes through his sculpting. Then the judges couldn’t stop praising the realism of his stone face mask. That’s some talent when a rush job still wins.

I enjoyed the first episode. The hour and a half gave a bit more time for the introduction segment and still cover the two challenges. I was trying to pay attention to the demo submissions to see what caught my eye. Saw some good work there.

The queens competition was neat, to see what they pull together on the fly. Glitter scars was notably bad. I loved the line “She’s totally wasted that crown” about the black crown with the limbs.

Eric with the hair looks kinda like Ed Begley, Jr. That, and he kinda reminded me of the squirrely guy who walked out on the first episode last season. But he did good work and wasn’t nearly as obnoxious. I had the same reaction when I saw her painting the latex fabric dark - they were looking for desert tans, not deep browns. But she explained she was going for the depth, and was going to lighten it afterwards, so she had a plan and it mostly worked.

I pretty much agree across the board with the judges comments and evaluations. I’m not seeing anyone who is as big a stand out as Roy last season. So far there appears to be a lot of talent.

The Mountain Goblin was pretty amazing. At first the color difference between the two face halves wasn’t as obvious, but then when they did some of the later focus shots it was a little more clear where the goblin vs rock was. The rock texture and sculpt was spectacular. Definite winner, and Anthony will be one to watch. And the way he recovered after his goof and still succeeded is good.

The Forest and the Jungle both had wood texture in their sculpts. Both did well. The sculpting the wood texture into the muscles was excellent work.

Artic was okay, but some of the icicles didn’t blend that well. But good overall.

Swamp had a great concept and decent sculpt, but they both failed for paint. Definite time management problem on that one. They were supposed to go with greens for alligator, instead they had it in black and gray. Meh.

Volcanic was definitely the worst of the lot. From top to bottom it was horrid. It was a jumbled mess. There was nothing original there, there was nothing well-done. The hat was stupid, not at all like what was on the original sketch for the goblin head. The decision to put the cloak on and cover the chestpiece was dreadful. The props looked sick. They were the ones so happy they had chosen to do less than the others because the others might have bitten off too much, but their quality of work was below what any of the others did. Guy learned from his brother Matt, what he learned was how to lose.

I mostly liked the show, but once again I am frustrated by the previews. I mean, they started the episode with a minute long preview of the whole season. Now I know one of the creatures will be a two-headed giant, one will be a giant mouth on the belly, and they are going to do a big Vegas stunt show in water. Dammit, I don’t want to be shown that now, I want it revealed when it comes up. There’s this thing called surprise that creates real drama, no need for lengthy pauses and music, followed by commercial breaks, and then repeat the lengthy pause and music.


It’s disaster night on Face Off.

First, superheroes. We do have that same nebulous question from last season on the distinction between a superhero and comic book character. Is Dick Tracy a “superhero”? Nevertheless, it looks like most of the concepts strive more toward the superhero aspect this time.

Now we get to disaster rundown. It’s a game of who had the biggest oops.

Anthony had an awesome sculpt going for his chest and back piece to go with the arms and head that he did. Well, he struggled on time and didn’t get the mold set before the end of the second day, and then couldn’t get the mold apart on day 3, so had to punt to plan B. He made some sort of black poncho thingy. However, he made the silouette bold and had excellent work on the head and face and arms. He had the concept of a lava man thing, but actually had a good concept (unlike the lava goblin from last week), and did excellent work. The split in the skull was splendid.

Alam had the blue glass shard man. The concept was a lot of glass shards all throughout the body. But she didn’t design a good way to attach the back piece, trying to rely on glue to hold a very heavy back piece with no other anchors. Um, yeah, it wouldn’t stick, even when she cut the back off she shirt and tried to glue to his back. So she had to lose the back piece and paint his back. It didn’t look too bad from the front, with the dynamic arms, legs, and head, but when they were doing closeup review and had him turn around - ouch! She needed to have made the piece to wrap over the shoulders, maybe with straps to go under the outfit. Or else stitched/anchored it to the suit. Adhesive just isn’t going to do that.

Meagan was struggling with her face sculpt to come up with a good shape. When she got done, what she did was very poor quality. Then the arm pieces were lame (supposed to be the Twin towers, but just look like blocks with buttons), and didn’t stick, so she applied them with visible duck tape. Yeah, that’s going over well.

Michael (aka Wolverine) went for this “bringer of plagues” concept, and wanted a fancy bird mask of an ancient doctor where they used the mask to hold incense to cover the smells (I did not know that). Well, he struggled and struggled to make the mask, finally came up with something that didn’t have the right shape and had a dreadful texture - and his superhero was essentially a horrid mask and a baggy costume. Yeah, the actor did a flip on stage, but that didn’t do much for the superhero. (Okay, there was an arm mold or something, but it was easily overlooked.) As Glenn said, “having a fabricated mask as the showpiece is unacceptable”.

Katie wanted to do a guy who kinda was a punk self-costumed guy with electrical powers. Her face sculpt was deformed rather than enhancing the look, and the face mask was cheesy. Now the one thing I think she should have done was argued the point with the facemask. She deliberately made it cheesy, as something he would have cobbled together at home. Glenn’s critique was to call it some frat-boy whip together or something, but that’s the point - that’s what she was going for. But she had other problems besides that. Her face sculpt was reminiscent of Rob’s squarefaced guys from last season.

Besides the rundown on things that went wrong, I have several other observations.

I wasn’t as thrilled with House’s robot girl as the judges. I thought it was a bit gory, but also the blend line on the chest piece along the shoulders was not done well. But the rest of the execution was pretty good. But the texture of all the wires and cables was pretty good. It looked great when he was building it, just kinda a little to gory for me.

I agree that the Mercury Ray chick was the most complete superhero presence, even though the overall quality of work was sloppy. “Her panties were on the outside”. Yep, that’s a superhero.

The “Silversight” was a bird chick of some sort. I don’t get how the name fits the character. The wings were neat, wish we’d seen if they articulated or something. Lots of feathers and colors. I liked the overview and profile.

Eric F with the hair had the 40’s detective who was resurrected from death, with a hole in his skull and brain exposed, and his chest cavity open with lungs exposed. It’s a little hard to see how his chest would work without the ribs in place, but the judges liked it.

Eric Z (beard) had the guy with the mask and huge arm. That mask was rather bad. And the arm had anatomy problems.

The undersea lady had some interesting paint and texture on the head, and a decent overall look and color. However, the cowl line did not blend at the neck to the jumpsuit. Also, the tentacle direction choice reminds me of the blue chick from Return of the Jedi. But I think Alex (the blond) was successful in showing she does have ability despite the appearances from last week.

Kris made a bold-shaped face sculpt and spent effort on that, and then had a dreadful costume like a mom making a last-minute superhero outfit for her 5 year old’s Halloween. Plus, some of the texture was bad around the jaw and the paint was peeling around the nose.

Wayne (goatee, spikey hair) had a good overall look, good body, leg, and arm sculpt and paint. Even the face sculpt was good, he just didn’t get the paint done. The face was white while the rest was blue, and the texture of the face disappeared.

I think the judges made the right decisions tonight.

[spoiler]I called the winner being Anthony. His sculpt and paint work was superb. The torso would have been amazing if it had come out, the shapes were stunning - too bad, I would love to have seen it. But even without that, the overall was a success and the detail was the best by far. So that makes three wins in a row.

The loser was Michael (Wolverine). He didn’t have much in the way of make up at all, just a lousy mask and a quick set of pajamas. Second week in a row he was in bottom looks, and this is the second show, so definitely the right call. Though the other two girls with him may be following in the next couple weeks. [/spoiler]

Yeah, I agree with the judges’ decision. But it was just like last year - Exactly two of those guys could be DC superheroes. The others were “dark, gritty” blah-blah whatever. They were supposed to be superheroes, forFSMsake! They could have done a Thing makeup, with a full body suit, they could have done human musculature to make a Superman clone, they could have done SO many super-heroic things, but 75% of them went to Plague Doctor or Mutant Robot Girl.

But yeah, Irishman, this show really showed the dross in the pack of people. I think Shard Girl should have gone, for not truly finishing, but I’m sure she’ll go rapidly.

I think ultimately there’s much more room under the “superhero” label than the classic icons. Afterall, technically Rorschach from Watchmen is a superhero, and if he qualifies, then so do most of these. And they were charged with coming up with a new original superhero, not a Superman clone.

And I don’t think Alam should have gone home. She had some planning issues and I think ultimately she’s not going to last that long, but her concept was neat and original, the shards were a creative profile, the look with the full back would have been even neater. The work on the face wasn’t bad. She just bungled not planning how to attach that much weight to the body, and then made a poor decision in cutting up the suit. When that didn’t work the back of the outfit was butchered, but from the front it didn’t look as bad. I think there were several worse jobs in actual skill. Mercury Ray outfit was really cheap looking shit, even though hers was the most classic superhero look.

Right now Anthony is showing the others up. Who else is doing quality work to look like a shot for the finale?

It seemed like all the artists struggled with the Superhero. There were a couple finished costumes that I liked. Anthony’s was good but looked a bit too much batman for me. I liked Jenna’s Silversight. Autumn’s Mercury Ray was pretty good, the yellow codpiece looks a bit off.

Here’s the Superheroes

But in Hollywood, the black dude always dies first.

Anthony has won exactly 100% of everything so far. What a way to start!

Some points:

  1. Glenn called Revolt’s mask a “Juggalo tiki mask” - he was not wrong.

  2. Anthony’s character was pretty good, but also kind of generic. However of the top looks, his was, by far, the easiest to fit into DC’s line-up.

  3. Erik F.'s character is a 40’s detective named “Dick Gritty”. I would totally read that book.

Except for the winner, I was really, really disappointed in this episode.

They had a HUGE opportunity to make something fantastic, and they all sucked ass at it. None of the designs really took off, none were really frightening, and they all suffered from lack of time and bad painting.

I feel sorry for hair-guy about the animatronics, but hopefully, he learned a damn good time management lesson.

I totally object to the girl that was sent home. If I were the other girl, I would have recognized that my physical limitations will never allow me to get further in this contest, and I’d have removed myself from the competition. I think she’ll probably be the one to go next week.

I did like the winner. They had a good concept, a good design, and they carried it through properly.

But overall, I was really disappointed. They had a damn good challenge, and they blew it.

~~I really, REALLY wish they’d stop showing next week’s final creations in the teaser-trailer. I want to be surprised! I now know three of the designs that will be shown next week from the half-second trailer. It really blows the anticipation.

Ice demons!

I didn’t understand in the bottom look what the hand extensions were supposed to be. They didn’t look at all like legs, and they were way too long to lean on to function as additional limbs. Weird.

I can’t believe Anthony won AGAIN! But his character was the most complete and the head was the best part. If only Eric had followed Mr. Westmore’s advice to only do the animatronics after they’d finished a great paint job. As it was they spent too much time on the blinking eyes, did a rotten paint job, and the eyes didn’t even work. They would have won if they’d prioritized better.

I had a real problem with Erik’s character, in that his exposed body parts would be a real detriment to anybody trying to do anything. Now the character had plastic over it, but I would have thought that maybe a metal looking covering over the lungs and such would have been a better effect, maybe hinged or something. I simply couldn’t get over how vulnerable he was. I thought they picked the right guy. I kind of thought he cleverly used the black tarp or whatever to make it look like obsidian.

So far this has been the most lopsided season of any reality show I’ve ever seen (which is mainly Top Chef and Face Off). Basically, there are 4 or 5 people who are terrible, 4 or 5 who are solid, and Anthony who is just in a different league.

I also feel like the challenges have been pretty uninspired so far. What happened to things like the gender swapping or aging or body painting, which are something other than just “here’s a type of magical monster or hero, make one of it”.

Agreed. There seems to be a problem with trying to do ribcages, too. I’ve seen a number of catastrophies in this region. We need some anatomy lessons here.

Yes, they had a lot to accomplish, with essentially a full body makeup - casts for arms, lets, torso, and head. That is a shitload of work to pull off in 3 days. There’s no time for animatronics and whatnot, you simply MUST focus on the most significant elements of a MAKEUP show. The molds have to be well-shaped to convey the character, and the paint job is critical. How many times have the judges commented on paint job? Eric’s partner should have pushed harder on him.

When the judges were reviewing, Glenn made comments about Autumn and her lousy sculping and she’s proud of that? That’s unsalvagable. I was expecting them to send her home from that remark. Her superhero was just a dreadfully molded. The overall concept was classic superhero and the best at that, but the quality of the work was shoddy all around. I don’t see her being around much longer.

The girl who had problems getting work completed because of her injury was a liability to her team, but the quality of the work that was accomplished falls squarely on the girl who was eliminated. Those arm extensions were supposed to be lengthening of the arms straight out from the elbows, and the actor lean like a chimpanzee. Instead, they were right-angled at the hands and then wrapped in bandages. WTF? Like the judges said, are those legs or canes? Can’t tell. The sculpt texture was unidentifiable as well. So yes, she just didn’t do good, and she was hampered by choosing something not accomplishable in the time they had.

The girl with the injured hand will probably be eliminated fairly soon if she can’t keep up the work.

Yes - I HATE the way they reveal the results in previews and coming ups. Kill the actual suspense and then manufacture suspense with “dramatic pauses”. :rolleyes:

This is only the third week. They’ve got a whole season to go. Gotta ease their way in to the challenges, right?

Hey! The girl who was made up with the long horns is our niece!

This is one show that would benefit from being more than 1 hour long. You really don’t get much of a look at the design process. Each week, it’s pretty much the same – a bunch of soliloquizing by some artist about how the design isn’t coming together, then the blonde hostess swans in with a guest star who makes some quick comments about designs we’ve barely seen, then someone struggles to get a mold to release, everybody slaps latex on models and then crams six hours of work into the last look.

Give the artists a reasonable deadline and show the process and this would be a fascinating show. As it is, I’m astounded at how good a job they do in three days. Although the superhero challenge was incredibly disappointing – I didn’t think any of the designs were very good. Certainly not compared to the goblin king challenge.

Some of the demons were reasonably good, but again, the artists are really hobbled by the retarded deadlines. THe concept drawings were really brilliant, but there’s only so much you can cobble together in three days. I think it’s less of a skill challenge than a test of who can smuggle the most Adderall onto the set.