Facebook: "E-mail address disabled"

My 14-year-old son is trying to set up a Facebook account. He has a gmail account, and when he enters his gmail address as his e-mail, he gets this message:

“The e-mail address you have entered has been disabled. Please contact disabled@facebook.com with any questions.”

He says he has contacted disabled@facebook.com and received no response. I’ve looked in the Facebook help section to no avail.

Anyone have any clues as to what’s going on here?

Probably someone created an account with that email address already. Could be a typo, could be a spammer, could be someone with a beef with your son. It may be have been flagged.

How long has it been since you contacted them? These may take some time.

I have a Facebook account, so I just tried opening another account with my e-mail address. The message I got was “There is an existing account associated with blahblah@blah.com,” not the “address disabled” message. That makes me think that someone else trying to create an account with his address is not the issue.

If someone created an account and it was banned for spamming, or abusive behavior, or something like that, the account would be disabled.

You could get around it by adding or removing dots in your son’s gmail adress. Mail to freck.a.free@gmail and freckafree@gmail will be delivered to the same mailbox but Facebook should see it as a different adress.

I think I logged on two or three days ago and saw a message like that on my home page. But I do have valid email and I was looking at my page. I thought it might have been some programming glitch as they were fooling around with the formats of news Feed, Live Feed, etc.