Facebook Graph Search

I first heard about Graph Search when it was in beta awhile back, for the obvious comedy potential of having a massive, public database of all the stupid shit that people like on Facebook. If you want a serious explanation of it, here’s something from Slate.

They finally deployed it to the public today (or, to me, at least), and I’ve been spending the last couple of hours playing with it.

These are people that actually exist:

[li]People who like Ron Paul and FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency[/li][li]People who like Public Enemy and Skrewdriver[/li][li]Teachers who like Gary Glitter[/li][li]People who like Walmart and BUY AMERICAN[/li][li]Libertarians who work at US Federal Government[/li][li]Men interested in men who like Focus on the Family[/li][li]People who like Slayer band and Amy Grant[/li][li]People who like Veganism and Arby’s[/li][li]People who like Noam Chomsky and Insane Clown Posse[/li][li]People who like Wu-Tang and Sons of Confederate Veterans[/li][li]Baptists who like Grindr[/li][/ul]

I don’t know whether this is proof of the wonderful variety of humanity or that people will just click “Like” for any stupid shit they see.