Do you like the new facebook?

At first I was cranky, but I have learned to like it. Maybe it’s just my imagination but there do seem to be more options for various things.

So, what say yee?

I like it now that I’ve been using it a while. Have you tried scrolling to the bottom of your screen and changing the language to English (pirate)? That’s kind of entertaining - give it a try.

I like it a lot better now that I found that pirate setting! Thanks, HKF!

I’m okay with it. It’s not brilliantly effective (the separation of tabs and stuff is visually unappealing), and relearning everything is a pain, but it works. It seems to me that Facebook wanted to avoid becoming MySpace, so they found a way to delete the ability to clutter up your profile without actually taking away features. Brilliant.

I prefer it. I hated all the cutesy apps that would infest everyone’s profiles. My interest in Facebook as a useful site increased with the change–prior to that I saw it as simply a Gen Y playground.

Although I didn’t like it at first, I think I agree with other people who said that it’s nicer now that the stupid apps aren’t the first thing you see when you look at someone’s page. You actually have to want to see them now, and who the hell does? Maybe now they’ll go away and people will stop sending me dumb virtual crap. (Unlikely. Since my crazy cousin is the chief source of it, and I can’t tell her to knock it off without hurting her feelings.)

See, Lobot is my cite. :smiley:

I agree with Lobot and Kyla - I prefer it since you don’t have to look at all the annoying apps that clutter up everyone’s pages.

Let me take this opportunity to plug the Straight Doper Facebook group. Join if you haven’t already!

Another vote for loving not having to see all the annoying apps anymore. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the redesign at first, but I’m getting used to it, and I’m certainly not planning on joining any of the hundreds of pointless “I hate the new Facebook” groups.

I like it - less clutter from all the silly apps. Though the news feed doesn’t seem to work properly anymore (it doesn’t seem to display in proper chronological order, especially comments on photos which suddenly appear again a week or more after they were originally posted…).

Ha! That’s brilliant. (Easily entertained? Who, me? :D)

I’m okay with the new facebook :slight_smile: no problem with it, cos I’m getting used to like it now.

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It’s trash.

I want to see what someone’s favorite movies and stuff are right when I look at their profile. Now, you have to click a separate section to see that. It’s bullshit and takes all the individuality away from people’s primary profile page.

I’m not supposed to talk about it.

Agreed, the news feed is annoying like that. Even if it wasn’t an error and more of a “reminder” of recent events, it bugs.

Loving the pirate talk!!!

I also found the Straight Dope group! Cool!

I joined just around the time they switched, so I really don’t have a basis for comparasion.

I suppose I’m adjusting.

I don’t really like the layout, but I do, as others have noted, appreciate being able to see someone’s profile without scrolling through miles of application boxes. But I’ve been on Facebook since before user-added applications existed, so as far as I’m concerned, the new Facebook is just a way to deal with a new problem.

I hardly ever look at anyone’s profile, so the application thing doesn’t matter much to me. I did take the time to rearrange my own tabs/boxes, though: I wish I had more control over what goes where, but on the whole I’m happy with the way my profile looks these days.

Thirded! That drives me a little nuts. My only remaining objection to the new layout is that the wall and news feeds are combined – I now have to click on the “Status Updates” tab in order to catch all of them – but I’d have much less of a problem if older items didn’t suddenly reappear at the top of the feed.

Yes, I like it better, although I only joined a few months before the switch so I was not as used to it as others who have been there longer.

I like that you can choose to find out more about someone, but not everything is all jammed onto the front page.

I’m not such a big fan. I got very used to the way it used to be, and rarely went to other people’s profiles so I wasn’t bombarded by apps anyway. I was around before they started apps, and never really got into them. It is nice to be able to go to someone’s profile and see the actual wall posts right up there instead of needing to dig thru their five different wall variation apps to actually see what you want or post a birthday greeting.