MySpace or Facebook?

I have a MySpace page, but I’ve been considering deleting it. I rarely use it, and am getting tired of all the obvious spam it generates. (No Brianna, Krystle, Tiffani & Kelli - I DON"T want to be your friend and I am not clicking over to see your pictures on “your other profile page”!) An actual friend who I know & interact with IRL, not cyberspace says he likes FaceBook and suggested I switch over to that.

What are your opinions? Is Facebook better, worse, the same as MySpace? Or perhaps I should content myself with being an anonymous member of the Teeming Millions? Waddaya say?

Facebook is very different from MySpace. You have to be a friend of someone to actually see their profile so there’s no random browsing like in MySpace. And the vast majority of Facebook people use their real names because it’s designed for keeping track of your RL friends, not meeting a whole bunch of anonymous online people.


Its cleaner design is a big plus to me (it used to be much better 6 months ago) and the fact that I can restrict privacy setting is even more important. I can prevent family members/co-workers from seeing embarrassing (drunken) photos or I can hide information from certain people. I’ve got no problem putting a cell number up there and hiding it from people.


Facebook is as good as your friends are.

Myspace just makes me wish for a good old fashioned population-thinning plague.


Facebook is genuinely useful, relatively private, quite intuitive and good fun. Remember - you can say “no” to anything you’re offered on Facebook, including anyone seeing anything other than your name (and photo, if you choose).

Myspace is a tragic happened-to-hit-the-zeitgeist-via-streaming-audio has-been piece of shit.

Hmm, I just had someone randomly invite me to Facebook, and I had essentially decided to ignore it. Based on the responses in this thread, however, I went ahead and signed up.

So far, so good. I’ve been on MySpace for about two years, and I’m thinking Facebook may win this battle, if for no reason than that I won’t have to see Tom’s “updates” typed in all lowercase letters with suspect punctuation.


Choose none of the above. Live in the real world. :slight_smile:

The girlfriend and I both vote for Facebook. To give an analogy, Facebook is like the SDMB while MySpace is like YouTube comments. The biggest advantage that FB has is that, unlike MS, it WORKS!!! It doesn’t randomly log me off, it doesn’t delete my mail, it doesn’t break in unforseen fashions, etc. It’s also much more useful with features like status updates for your friends (which you can turn off and on) and event announcements.

I like it so much better that a few months ago, I changed my MySpace name to “Facebook is Cooler!” Seriously.

I just deleted my Facebook profile. I was just never a fan. There was way too much useless stuff on FB. It was also kind of cold. It was basically just filling out a template. At least with Myspace you can customize somewhat.

I like the template element of Facebook. It’s got a clean, quiet design and requires minimum maintainence.

Facebook spreads like a virus. It’s pretty neat. Little clusters of people I’ve known over the years have been signing up, and then friending each other.

I went to college post-Facebook, so it’s a lot less popular among my friends. But definitely picking up steam.

Also, I never get spam friend invites on Facebook. So that’s nice.

What an obnoxiously self-righteous thing to say – frankly, it sounds like some of my more introverted friends in high school before they went to college and had friends going to other universities in other parts of the country and decided that it had actually been a pretty good idea all along. That’s why it was directed at university students –Facebook is absolutely brilliant at keeping you connected with people who you can’t see in person but know in person.

ETA: it’s also pretty good for organizing events and so-on – better than tracking down everyone in person.

I find Facebook a lot more intuitive to use. It has limitations, and the template can indeed feel cold sometimes, but it’s better than running into some of the god-awful design horrors some MySpace users inflict on the world.

That said, I think if you want to publicize something or create a profile that’s easy for other people to stumble across, MySpace is a better way to go. As a closed system, Facebook offers a lot less discoverability.

Facebook is better overall, it has a lot better interface and the functionality is superior. MySpace I use simply because a lot of people I know are on it. Though if I joined I’d know even more people there, so I guess that doesn’t matter that much. I got into MySpace because it was better than Friendster.

I was joking but I’ll take the bait. As someone who has used these social-networking sites (primarily for music) I find they eat up time and that most people never communicate anything of actual import on them. Perhaps facebook is different but most of these sites exist so people can look at drunken pictures of each other, show off, make inane comments, and the like. Which is fine but if you really want to keep in touch with someone there’s always emails, instant messaging, phones, write a letter, all those other things. You imply that there would be something wrong with someone if they decided to opt out of these networks which strikes me as somewhat bizarre. Sorry to hijack and I’ll be careful not to make anymore jokes from now on.

Are you not therefore implying that there’s something wrong with not using IM, or not writing letters?

Facebook has a fundamental difference to Myspace, that it is for communicating with people you already know in the real world :wink: . To contact many friends who I used to email, I now contact through Facebook. For every silly drunken photo on there, I’ve got serious ones, from holidays, etc.

Not at all, I meant it in the sense that refusing to use social networking sites isn’t necessarily just contrariness, that it doesn’t necessarily make you less accessible to your friends and if you want to communicate with people long distance (I know all about this, my gf is in America, I’m in Ireland) then there’s those other options. As I stated in my last post I meant my original reply as a joke but it was taken up. As for the difference between the sites you may get messages from people you don’t know in real life (on myspace) but you don’t have to add them as friends, you’re allowed only add your in real life friends :smiley: .

Im with you on this one.

If you are interested in finding old friends, friends reunited works well enough, most people post their msn or email, and you can pick which friends you keep in touch with.

On the other hand if you enjoy listening to the latest track of your newest, local unsigned band, MySpace is pretty handy.

Or choose Facebook if you want everyone in your “network” to know that you’re now friends with Mike, and going to Sue’s for drinks next saturday.

Of course you can change the privacy settings on both social networking sites, although whats the point in networking if you are going to cut yourself off and be private.

More practically, choose Facebook if you want a very quick and painless way to organize group events. We go out way more since we’ve been using Facebook - and planned stuff tends to have less conflict with other Facebook folks’ things. It’s nice that way.

…and if you skip something, you can count on looking at the pictures & video the next day, to see what you missed and decide whether or not to regret it. :smiley: