Facebook help needed

I found a site (weapon-blog.com) that keeps an updated list of online contests for winning firearms, ammo and other gear that you can enter for free* (usually in exchange for receiving spam). Since some of the contests require you to enter through their Facebook page and Like their sites, I started a Facebook account just for that purpose. My concern is that anyone looking for me on Facebook would immediately come to the conclusion that I am an insane gun fanatic*. I need to either edit this stuff so it isn’t immediately viewable, or set up a separate account just for this. Unfortunately I’m not familiar with social media (being mostly antisocial). Can anyone advise me on this?

**shut up ElvisL1ves

The first thing you should do is lock down your profile and posts to completely private. This is done using Facebook’s Privacy settings. You’ll want to edit so that “Only Me” is your selection for future posts (this option is hidden behind a drop-down, but it’s there). You can also restrict access to search engines, and who can contact you or look you up on the site using your e-mail or phone number.

You don’t have to give Facebook your real name. I mean, yes, their user agreement says you have to give them your real name, but if your name is Bob Smith but you tell them it’s Roberto Smithson, they’re not going to send the Facebook Ninjas after you for it.