Facebook is now larger than every nation except China and India

From The Economist:

I don’t really have any commentary on this, but it’s interesting, so I’m tossing it out for discussion.

Edit: It’s also interesting to note that MySpace is larger than every nation except China, India and the US. I think predictions of its death are a bit premature.

Seeing as the population of nations jumps by 3.8X going from 3rd place to 2nd, this actually isn’t all that impressive in a sense. If you get even a small portion of India and China on Facebook, you’ll automatically beat the US.

MySpace is rife with users with multiple accounts and businesses that are counted among the standard user population. Facebook does a much better job handling multiple accounts and always kept businesses confined to a separate area not counted in the user totals.

I wonder how many active users myspace actually has. Few people seem to delete theirs but they rarely get updated or used for much anymore as far as I can see. Pretty much anyone on myspace now seems to have an active facebook too.

Why is India symbolized by the death star?

I have four Facebooks accounts and none are really me. I just open them as it’s easier than remembering my names for a website I never use :slight_smile:

Does not compute.

I wonder how many active users Facebook has as well. I’m dubious of their count without more information on whether it includes accounts that have just been forgotten about and left inactive.

If my experience of databases of customers/users is anything to go by - then about ten percent of them will be active (used more often than say once or twice a month)

hmm, there are more active subscribers to World of Warcraft than the city population of New York.

“That’s no dharmacakra–that’s a space station!”

I guess we can add a new statistic to those “If the world was a village…” lists.

If the world was a village of 100 people, seven villagers would have Facebook accounts.