Facebook problem: feed taken over by strangers

Here’s a strange phenomenon I’ve recently experienced:

I have about 175 Facebook friends. About 1/4 are my actual, close IRL friends, another 1/4 is my own blood family, and the other half is everyone else who doesn’t fit into those two categories: distant relatives I’ve never actually met, acquaintances, current work people, work people from former jobs, my wife’s cousins and other relatives, high school people I’ve not seen or spoken to IRL since high school, etc.; these people are essentially strangers to me.

It’s really only the first two groups I actually care to see things from, but over the years at some point all of them have either done something that caused me to “unfollow” them (endlessly posting only religious or political crap, using Facebook to document every second of their boring-ass lives, minute-by-minute baby pics, single-issuing, etc.), or they have an account but never or very infrequently post anything, so basically I never see stuff from these people.

So what I’m left with is a Facebook News Feed almost entirely comprised of people I have some relationship with but are, in practical terms, complete strangers to me. It’s kind of got me thinking I don’t really have any use for this Facebook thing anymore.