How many of your facebook friends do you ignore?

I’m not a super-active facebook user, but it is useful for keeping up with the lives of people I’m not close enough to to e-mail regularly. However, I have no desire to know what that guy I vaguely remember from jr. high school ate for breakfast this morning. Generally, if I recognize the name of someone who asks me to be their friend, I’ll accept the request out of politeness, but if they’re a breakfast-poster, I’ll block their posts from showing up on my feed. I probably “ignore” at least 60% of my “friends”. You?

Most of them. I really only pay attention to my best friend and the guys that I stalk, I mean like. And my kids. I especially don’t pay attention to the attention whores and the religious nuts.

All of them, unless someone posts something on my wall. I only keep a facebook page so I can look at other people’s pictures.

None. I’m selective about the people I add and have no problems with removing them.

I’m liking the ‘block so-and-so’s feed’ option more and more these days. If I get more than a couple slacktivism/breakfast/stupid-drama*/pro-Palin/Jesus-loves-you posts, I hide 'em. Blocking all the applications seems to render other folks invisible, so that works too.

I also hide feeds of folks that post their own stuff but never comment on any of mine.

As a result, my wall is more fun to read these days.

*a recently-friended relative posted “former BFF ho bitch banging my BF right in front of me!” so she got the ignore boot w/in 24 hrs of friending.

I’m like Not a Platypus in that I don’t tend to friend people I don’t want to hear from, so my FB feed is pretty clean.

There are 3 people I ignore tho:

  1. Girl I’ve known forever who is one of those “Debbie Downer” types and posts nothing but misspelled tragedies. I can’t unfriend her because of politics. Shed notice right away.
  2. A girl I barely know from high school who is trying to be famous. Acting or modeling or something. Her posts were increasingly ad-like (promoting herself) which is fine, I just wasn’t interested. However I keep her as a friend so I can pop over to her profile to see what exciting things she has done. On my own time.
  3. A guy who used to be famous and I was a fan then a friend IRL. When FB came around he started posting a lot of links and notes. It became annoying. I keep him as a friend because, hey, famous guy!

Only a few – people who annoy the living hell out of me, but who it would create more drama than it’s worth to unfriend.

I restrict the number of friends so that I don’t have this problem. I only have one guy’s feed blocked (out of 65).

Less than 10%. I pretty much only have friends that I know personally, but I do “ignore” a couple of them because they blabber constantly. There’s one chick who posts rather incoherently, but she’s probably the hottest of my friends, so I’m tolerating it for now.

I only have one person blocked out of 85 and that’s because she is just too young to post anything I want to see. I gather she’s a bit on the manipulative side, so it’s best to just not to know.

I have become less selective in friends lately. For the most part I wait to be asked. If I at least kind of know who they are, Ill accept. I have had one person ask twice that I have no idea about. I am friends with her friend though, but I have never met her and likely never will.

I’m surprised that it’s actually now 15 out of ~150. They were all exiled for writing too many updates about things I could not care less about (at a brief glance: gym attendance, their dull business, self-penned haiku about the fucking weather, how great their boyfriend is, people I don’t know at all, YouTube videos of 80s bands, and updates from technology conferences that for some reason need to involve voluminous use of incorrect punctuation #eatme). I think the only person I’ve ever defriended was writing really hateful political stuff. Otherwise I just forget that these people are there and they are people I never see in person anyway.

I don’t have that many facebook friends, but there have been a few who have annoyed the shit out of me. I unfriended those people- so none.

I’ve hidden the posts of two out of about 100 who were excessively annoying. One for obnoxious right-wing remarks, one for constant left-wing proselytizing. I don’t really read most of what the others post, but skim over it to see what they’re up to.

I don’t even know where the ignore option is. Nobody on my Facebook irritates me enough to want to find out.

Wow. I was going to say <10% but it turns out nearly 20% of my “Friends” are on Ignore.

I feel lucky, none of my FB friends do any of the religious or political nut-posting. I’ve only blocked one, who is a bit FB post-happy and posts youtube vids too much. When I realized he was posting 8 or more times a day, I just had to block his posts. I’ve also blocked nearly all the pages I’ve “liked” but I didn’t count that in my poll percentage since pages aren’t friends.

I have ~130 friends on Facebook, and two are blocked. One is my cousin who WRITES like THIS LOLOLOL all the time OMG even though SHE’S like, OVER FORTY HA!!! The other is a Republican friend with whom I could not stop arguing, so I blocked him to save our friendship.

The truth is though that I hardly use Facebook these days. In fact, the last time I logged on, the only thing I had was a message from a friend wondering where I was.

ETA: But I don’t get a lot of really nutso religious or political messages. I do have one conservative friend who is also LDS who sometimes annoys me, but he also often cheers me up with really nice and upbeat messages, so I would never block him.

I put none. I’ve blocked some applications though.

One of my nephews has this 4 square thing on his phone & I just don’t want to know his every movement.

I’ve never blocked anybody, but I sure block a lot of games.

I also think it’s kind of funny that most of the people I have on my FB I know online only. Most of the people I know IRL either don’t have accounts or have accounts and seldom post.

Luckily, I have yet to open an account.