Facebook question: My Facebook page and its post are not visible

I have a product I’m selling as a hobby. I created a Facebook page for my ”company”. Now there are two things that puzzles me. But let me first say: 1) While I have had a Facebook account for years, I mainly used it to follow some groups; I almost never create stuff on Facebook, so in that sense this is new to me. 2) I have googled on these issues, but either I come up with lots of hits about other things, or stuff that is several years old with information that’s obsolete. So here goes:

The page: I created the page this Sunday. It took a couple of days before it turned up my own Facebook-searches. It still (Thursday) does not turn up for other users (wife and daughter being test girls). The page’s status is ”Published” since Sunday.

Q1: Is there something else I need to do, to make my page publicly available?

The post: During Sunday, I posted a message on this page. I can see it on the page, but when I choose to look at the page ”as a visitor”, the post is not visible. There is a ”Marketing”* button, but when I press that it seems not to be a ”do you want other people to see this”, but rather, ”do you want to spend a couple of dollars on marketing”.

Q2: Is there something else I need to do, to make my post publicly available?

Thanks for taking time.

  • Or ”Market post”, or something like that. My GUI is not in English.

Next to the post date is a symbol with a triangle to the right. It lets you set who can see the post. If it looks like a globe, anyone should be able to see the post. If it looks like a padlock, only you can see it. You can change it by clicking on it and making sure Public is selected.

I missed the edit window. You might also look at your privacy settings and see what your default audience is.

Thanks, Doug. Unfortunately the post is Global. :frowning: I will go through all the settings again when I have time, but so far I have not seen any setting that hints that my posts shouldn’t be seen by all.

Not showing up in searches: After a week, the page still does not show up on Facebook searches. Googling this it seems to be a common problem. Even pages with lots of followers often does not show up in Facebook searches, it seems.

Post not showing for visitors: It seems that the option “View the page as a visitor” (or something like that, in English) is broken. Visitors – when they’ve actually found my page – do in fact see my posts, even though they disappear from my view when I choose to see my page “as a visitor”.