Facebook Questions

I don’t go on FB much, but there are a few things I’ve noticed over the course of time that I can’t seem to find answers to:

(1) I have assigned a few people as Close Friends since their posts I’m most interested in. This should mean that I get e-mail notifications whenever they post, but for some reason, this happens with some friends but not others. There doesn’t seem to be any discernible reason or consistency to it–just that some Close Friends I always get notifications about, and some I don’t. Even removing them as a Close Friend then reassigning them that designation did not change anything.

(2) I am more active on Twitter, Instagram, and 4Square. Whenever I post something to Facebook from these applications, it either (a) doesn’t show up, or (b) has it automatically set to Private, which means nobody can see it! I’ve looked on my user settings on FB and don’t see any reason why it should do this.

(3) I just posted a YouTube video link on FB, and within a minute or so, a friend Liked it. Within a few more minutes, it disappeared! I can’t find it on my Timeline/Wall at all! Why would this happen? It seems people are posting from YouTube constantly but perhaps I’m wrong. Did I violate some policy (perhaps a new or altered one)?

Needless to say, when I submitted a Help request at FB, the response was that it doesn’t help or solve individual problems, but accumulates feedback to identify larger, systemic issues. So no individual assistance was forthcoming and the FAQs didn’t appear to address my problem (particularly #1).

Thanks for any insight you may have to offer. :confused: :slight_smile:

Honestly, the answer to all these questions is that facebook is extremely inconsistent, especially when it comes to notifications.

As for the youtube video, try clicking on the notification again and see if that takes you to the video.

The notification disappeared, too (in that little globe icon at the menu bar on top)

bump (for those who don’t Dope on the weekend)

For Close Friends, first, check that on the Close Friends page, the “Notifications” button on the top right says “On Facebook and Email”. Next, for friends that you’re not getting notifications from, on their page, click on the (star) Friends button and Get Notifications. I’m not sure what happens if these 2 are set differently.

For using other apps on FB, try going to https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=applications , look for that app, click Edit and change the visibility.

I’m not very technological, I have been posting to a FB page for weeks and all of a sudden It has disappeared. Even in my history. When I did find a post in my history from weeks ago, it said I had no access or it was unavailable, yet another poster said she had no problem. what should I do.

Answer a quiz, or buy a t-shirt. :smiley:

You may have been removed from or banned from a closed group. What kind of page was it?

not sure, and it’s no big deal. I just don’;t know why or why all trace has disappeared. meh.

thanks for answers.