My facebook news feed is apparently dead

I have had lots of problems in the past, with different posts appearing and then disappearing and then appearing again. I have complained, and they are really sorry this is happening to me.

This morning there were zero posts. Now there is one. There were more earlier this afternoon, but not now. There was another one just now, and then it disappeared.

I have refreshed my screen, closed and gone back in, changed browsers, and there is no change, and no improvement.

Is this normal? Does anyone else have issues like this? It’s been going on for months. I’m just about ready to stop wasting my time. Maybe it’s a sign.

Check it on another device. If you have the same problem, it’s a facebook issue and unless you messed with a setting, not a whole lot you can do without their help.
However, if it works on a different device, it’s your device.
If you’re using a regular computer/laptop, clear the cache and cookies (you can clear just the facebook ones so you don’t lose everything). My guess is that this does the trick. You could also try logging in in private/incognito mode and see if that makes a difference. But first thing’s first. Does it happen across all devices or just one.

Would you like me to message you some pictures of apparently identical babies, boring holiday pictures, badly sourced ‘facts’, ‘inspirational’ made up quotes and incoherent complaints to make up for the lack?

I checked on another device, same issue. I have sent Facebook my complaint and heard nothing back so far. I guess they’re too busy making sure there’s no fake news or false accounts to bother all the real people. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

I use Facebook incessantly and have not noticed anything weird like you’re experiencing. Sometimes there is weirdness when they are beta testing new features, but it goes away in a day or two. Can’t imagine why you’d be having problems for months, across different devices.

When you deactivate your account they have a conveniently little spot to tell them why. You can never actually DELETE the account, so fear not, it will always be there waiting for you to come back.

First, check your settings to be sure they didn’t change them for you, they have done that to me in the past.
Try requesting the Desktop site from your mobile device to see how your feed looks.
Lastly, uninstall/reinstall.

I checked my settings, no change.

I’m not sure what your second recommendation means. I checked the Facebook app on my smart phone and got the same results as I did on my laptop and on my tablet, which I access through the internet browser.

Uninstall what? I get the same results through all methods, including three browsers that I tried, and three devices.

I meant uninstall the app, then reinstall it on whatever device you use the Facebook app.
On your device’s browser, go to Facebook’s website; once there, go into your browser’s options and pick Request Desktop Site or Desktop view, depending on your browser. Do you know where to find those options?

Sounds like you are in luck. If only lots more people would get that lucky…

No, I’m not finding that in the settings of the browser I use most of the time (IE11).

I’m still not clear what the behavior of the app on my cell phone has to do with the behavior of the website on my browser, or vice versa. If the results are the same on all devices and under both the app and the website, I would expect that to mean that the problem is not in the settings on my end (as Joey P suggested upthread). Feel free to explain as if I were from another planet.

I’m having the same issue as the OP. I don’t have a ton of FB friends, but there is usually some sort of feed going on. Lately it’s been one or two and then a rather rude message along the lines of “If you want to see more on your timeline, get more friends.”

I love you, man, you prove I’m not crazy.

Did you report it to Facebook? I just saw that my answer from my complaint of two days ago was that they would use my report to improve Facebook.

I suggested it so you could compare and see if you get the same results or not. Websites shown on your mobile device’s browser can look different when viewed as Desktop rather than the mobile site; back before I quit FB I couldn’t see all the files and Admin options my FB groups had on the mobile FB site nor the app - only as Desktop.
My phone’s a Samsung and I can use Firefox or Google for my browser and they each have their own option for choosing to view as Desktop; I haven’t used IE on a phone/tablet.
I hope this gets sorted out for you, best of luck! You can always join us on Twitter, there’s no shortage of news even when you want there to be.

I had this once, the empty timeline followed by the “get more friends” note. It went away in under 8 hours. My husband has also experienced it. We reported it directly to a friend of ours who works at FB (the benefits of the Silicon Valley lifestyle) who was curious but unconcerned – bug reports aren’t his day-to-day job. So, sorry OP. Shrug.

Mine’s been like this for a week. Surprisingly, I don’t care all that much.

Sort of the same thing is happening to me. But it’s that sometimes posts are there and sometimes they aren’t. Sometimes I see some new posts and then some old ones. Next visit it’s a bunch of different posts. And the “get more friends” thing. To which I just think “fuck off” and go about my day. All my friends are my real life friends so I don’t think I’m missing much. If I’m no longer seeing something that I was interested in following, I just check their page.

Same issues I have. One post will hang around for a week, while new ones disappear almost immediately.

You may have to go to each page and check your settings for where you see their posts in your news feed.

I’m willing to bet both of these are related to how facebook orders your feed. It decides what it thinks you want to see most, or what it wants you to see most, or maybe what your friends want…it arbitrarily chooses what to put at the top of your feed, what to put lower down, what to not even show you.

You’ll also see this by trying to find a post you just saw and going to that person’s page. You’ll either not find it or you’ll have to scroll through older posts first. In that case, when on a friend’s page, it shows you posts you haven’t seen first. Hitting the refresh button will reorder them, as it’s decided you’ve now seen everything from that friend.

Getting back to your regular feed, I suggest downloading FB Purity. Along with a ton of options, it give you the ability to order your feed in multiple ways, one of which being chronological.
I’m not sure that would help with the OP’s issue, though he could try, it might clear up the issue that you two are speaking about.