Facebook uggggggggh

You know if I get curious about an application that I find on FB, I go check it out and as usual for most things it brings me to a screen where I can add 10 of my friends so we can enjoy the generic application.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzp Not

Now somethings are generic Facebook and other applications are just front ends that go through facebook, but for the most part I have not seen any real separation.

I noticed a new application , or at least new to me when I seen it in a freinds profile and seemed useful, the hangout listings.

So once I seen the need 15 people to join this application , off we go to delete it.

This is probably the number one thing I hate about facebook


And the thing is that I like the option to send things to friends. Recently someone found a “which jane austen character are you?” quiz, and it made the rounds of a group of us that are reading her right now. See, it was useful – but only to send to that group of friends. The problem, of course, was that then we all kept inviting each other to see our results.

So I like that it’s an option for when you run across something that you just know one of your friends will like or find interesting or funny, but I really really hate when you have to add friends just to join it!!!


Sign up ten friends to straight dope and find out what the hub bub is about.


Facebook is trying to improve this.

There are also several groups petitioning for a change.

Thanks , now i can go back and reload that applications so i can find the report this and report em.


I haven’t seen any where you couldn’t opt out of inviting people, but it’s usually not obvious how to do that. I agree that the system is generally screwed and needs to be changed.

It is ironic that you need to invite friends for those petitions so that you can get enough votes.

I gave up on Facebook when they added applications.

I really liked the pictures, and occasional messages, and the clean design of Facebook, and I could even put up with the poking. But it became a glurge storm of zombie bites and pirate booty and stupid games and little prizes and all manner of cutesy attention-grabbing crap overnight.

My life is simpler and happier now.

I have run across a couple of applications in the past where you couldn’t use it at all if you didn’t invite other people. Rare, but it has happened. That’s a huge no-no for me.

The one that comes to my mind is the “Which Philsopher Are You?” application. The problem was that all of my friends who would be interested in said application already had it, and I wasn’t about to spam the rest simply in the hopes of finding out what philsopher I would have been had I been born several hundred years ago with a penis.

I believe that was one of the two problem applications I had encountered. I know they were both quizzes of some nature.

And as an aside, having seen wonderful pictures of you in various threads, the world is better off with you having been born sans penis. :slight_smile:

Exactly. I disabled my Facebook account for this very reason. People would send me things, and all I needed to do to see what was up was add the application. Then at the very end, all I needed to do was invite 15 people to the same thing.

A few weeks back I reactivated my account and deleted all applications. I will never add another application of any kind. I even removed my pictures. I prefer anonymity, but don’t mind getting contacted by people who I actually know.

Not quite a philosopher, but perhaps Tiresias?

I agree. On further thought I remember having to send invites to get some IQ test scores. Bastards.

Something I wrote on this very topic.

I think that says it all.

That’s nice, but what cellist are you?

THAT’S the one! I remember being infuriated because you took the entire test, and THEN they tell you that you have no choice but to send out invitations in order to get your (*@#%! score. I hesitated, but I ultimately walked away from it, still steaming.

My biggest pet peeve associated with Facebook is complaints like this.

If you got slammed with shit when applications got introduced it’s your friends’ fault, not Facebook’s. And if you accepted invitations and added applications then it’s your fault. Facebook is what you – and your friends – make of it: my profile has a few apps but is relatively simple, and it works for me. I ignore app requests all the time, and have (so far) always been able to opt out of inviting people to the stuff that I do use. Sure, when I first joined Facebook I added too much and it took me some time to find the right balance for me. If you don’t want to take the time to make your profile work for you that’s your prerogative, but don’t blame Facebook.

You know, the reason I liked Myspace over Facebook was these stupid applications. All the flippin’ poke this and superpoke that lil’ garden this and egg that crap. It was way more juvenile than Myspace. But now Myspace has all the same crap and I just delete that shit there too, now.
And, yes, Misnomer, it is the fault of the friends I have, but I still loathe it and will complain every flippin’ time I have to delete that shit.

I agree. Most of the application happy friends seem to get the message eventually and stop sending you invites, karma and other stuff. You can also adjust settings to minimise ‘chatter’ from your more annoying friends, like my distant cousin (60 going on 13) who is one of those people who should have never, ever been let loose on the internets. :stuck_out_tongue: