Facebook, what would you call the phenomena?

When something like Facebook comes along with such mass appeal that it becomes a part of the worlds social structure what would you call this. Not a revolution, seems bigger than a fad or a craze. Is there a good word that fits this description? Maybe the term social media is all that is needed but it doesn’t seem to capture the full impact that some of these sites are having.

It’s certainly overused, but you could try paradigm shift. It works better in the hard sciences than the social sciences, but could fit here.

‘‘Sea change’’?

I hate that expression, but it seems to fit.

Why not just, “Social Change”?

Mass hijack of the minds of our impressionable youth! This was only the next obvious and inevitable step after fluoridation of our drinking water!

Mass hysteria

I call it the noösphere. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin predicted it over 70 years ago.

It’s the misinformation superhighway. There are people who use it as their primary source of information and have since seen their brains rot from lack of use.

I read an article earlier this year in Wired about the Internet in Cuba. Cubans don’t really have access to “The Internet” so the people have created their own internal networks. And they have all the same social media that we have. It’s fascinating.