Facial hair: yae or nae?

Simple poll:
I’m sixteen. I’m getting to the point where I may actually have to make some decision about my facial hair soon. So I’d like to know (from both men and women) which do you prefer:
All shaved off?
Totally natural?
Or somewhere in between (like only a moustache or goatee; or huge sideburns)?

Totally shaved! I love to stroke a man’s freshly shaved cheek–it’s such a turn-on (of course, my boyfriend also shaves his head, but that’s not a requirement :wink: ).

It really depends on the person. I don’t think there are many Asian men who look good with facial hair, maybe because they aren’t so hairy to start with anyway. But my husband has a bit of a goatee which is pretty cool.

I can’t picture my brother with a beard or mo, but my dad looks better with both than without.

If you find that you have to shave every day, then you should be able to get a bit of a beard/mo/whatever going over a weekend. In which case I’d say try it and see what you think.

One of the guys I went to high school with grew a beard when he was sixteen, and it looked really good and no-one gave him a hard time about it.

Beard, absolutely. Why shave? The beard is a man’s natural adornment and looks good as long as you keep it clean and neatly trimmed. I would never, ever, want to get rid of my beard, and as I don’t need to wear a gas mask for my job, I’ll never have to shave.

I do shave the very small areas at the upper edge of my beard just below my cheekbones where it’s too scanty to grow well. That’s part of keeping it neatly trimmed. This takes about 10 seconds, once every 3 days or so. It’s such a little bit I can dry shave it with no trouble.

With my long hair, trimmed and pointed full beard, mustache and high forehead, I’ve just about got the William Shakespeare look down pat. :slight_smile: I should have been born in the 16th century.

grow yourself a tache. why should it be the sole domain of magnum pi and nancy sailor boys?

I like a beard, myself. When I was in high school, though, they didn’t allow boys to have facial hair. As soon as I graduated, I started growing a goatee.

Go for it. See what it looks like. You can always shave it off.

grow yourself a Burt Reynolds


I like facial hair on some men, but others can’t carry it. My dad tried to grow a mustache once and it just didn’t fit. My husband has worn a full beard most of our married life, tho he now sports a goatee (that is, he shaved his cheeks, but his mouth is encircled by hair) Funny thing is, I didn’t notice when he adopted this style because the hair on his cheeks had turned white, so it wasn’t very dramatic when he lost it.

As I think back, most of the guys I dated in my misspent youth had at least a mustache. Guess I just like them fuzzy faces.

Depends…some men look good with beards, some do not. Give beard a try and ask yourself, your family, and your relatives how you look…you can try different styles, etc. Summer’s here, experiment!

My husband hasn’t shaved since 1967, and I love it. It is totally au naturale. He may trim it once every five years or so. It is almost totally white, so little kids think he’s Santa Claus. It’s actually pretty cool. It’s very soft. I KNOW I wouldn’t be able to spot him in a room if he shaved it. In fact, I’ve only seen one photograph of him as an adult without it, and he was only 21 at the time. he also doesn’t cut his hair. Looks a little like the Unibomber.

As a forty-something red-headed man who has had a beard for more than half of his life, I’ll tell you that a beard is not something you decide upon, it decides upon you. and even then, it’s a temporary thing.
I grew mine to help hide some scars on my chin. Now, my beard is white on my chin and the rest is a mix of red/brown and white.

Some guys can do the beard or goatee or fat sideburns thing, some can’t.

I’m thinking that, since you’re only sixteen, that a beard would be a new and fun thing to play with and show off. But, at your age, if you’re blonde or a redhead, then your beard might be too sparse to look right. Even dark-haired fellows may have vacant areas of their face where their beard doesn’t grow in well.

My advice is to keep shaving until you’re twenty. Then try it out.

If you want to try it now. go right ahead. But get some advice from family/friends/the people that cut your hair… and ask them to be brutally honest.
I look back as pics of me at seventeen with a beard. It was so scraggly and sparse that I realize now that I shouldn’t have grown it until later in life.

One more hint… if you DO grow a beard, don’t shave it off in the dead of winter… BBRRBBRRBBRRBBRRBBRRBBRR!!!

Women seem to dig the lambchops from my experience.

Try the Hitler/J. Jonah Jameson mustache. No one seems to do that one much these days. You can start a new trend!

If I could grow a decent beard (and I have tried, on more than one occasion) I would. SInce I can’t, I shave. Snag is, I like a very close shave so I wet shave rather than use an electric razor.

So I bleed. And bleed. And bleed. I hate shaving, can’t grow a decent beard and bleed like a stuck pig.

Apart from that, no problems. :slight_smile:

I have had a moustache for decades and a full beard since I met my wife. I keep it trimmed and neat. My wife loves it. When I was acting professionally, I used to have to occasionally shave for a part and my wife would pout (sort of) until I could grow it back.

My boyfriend who is 17 is definitely in the running for the hairiest man alive contest. He’s had a goatee for about a year and loves it. I hate it, just because I think he looked much cuter without it. My only word of advice would be to grow it in the fall or winter, because if you decide you don’t like it, you can get rid of it without fear of odd tan lines. The SO is getting senior pictures done soon and is going to have some interesting tan lines. Fake and bake for him I suppose.

My favorite man has a full white beard, and I love it. He looks like a Biker/Santa combo.
I’ve never seen him without it, just pics, and they were taken long ago.
I trim it and his hair for him, and ‘groom and pet’ him alot. He says he likes that.

I think you should keep it, only if it looks good. However, as a warning, I think you should keep in mind that few girls of your age like or appreciate facial hair on a guy. I think they think it would feel icky against their skin.

gotta love the chops. i was messing around one day while shaving and the chops were born. i keep them around because they make me laugh. can’t pass a mirror without cracking up. plus, random people start conversations with me because of them.

As a 17 year-old guy who could win the Least-Hairy Dude in the World Award, until you find it necessary to shave everyday, I wouldn’t recommend it. I have to shave (in theory) about every 5-7 days to stay clean. I HATE doing it. So I tried, briefly, to see if a mustache would work. Nope. I look terrible with facial hair, in part because it’s pretty sparse. And my hair is dark. It just looks dirty. Ick.