Facing my own mortality is a pain in the butt

Yesterday, I bent down to look for something. When I came back up, I felt a twinge in the left side of my far lower back (just above my buttocks). I figured it would go away in a few minutes, but it didn’t. It’s still with me. Didn’t get much sleep last night, because it was really hard to find a comfortable sleeping position. Ow.

I’m facing my own mortality over this, because this is the first time I’ve thrown my back out in normal use- not doing something like lifting something the wrong way, or lifting something that’s too heavy, just bending down and standing back up like I do several times a day (today, the back pain is making me notice just how many things involve doing that). I’m getting older and falling apart :frowning:

I had to miss a Fourth of July barbecue with one of Mr. Neville’s colleagues so I could stay home and sit or lie on the heating pad. :frowning: I’m still tethered to the heating pad today, and feeling sorry for myself.

Here’s hoping you feel better soon, and congratulations on having gotten your taste of mortality from something so (relatively) benign. I know it’s a bee-yotch, but at least it will pass.

I feel for ya.

Several months ago I came down with a bout of plantars fasciitis. Now I know why old folk get up from charis the way they do… Waaa.