Factory-unlocked 32-GiB GSM iPhone 4 for sale - with better headphones - $600

I am selling my 32-gigabyte GSM iPhone 4. It’s factory-unlocked, bought direct from the Canadian Apple store, so you can use a micro-SIM from any GSM carrier in it. It’s about nine months old.

It has a slight nick on the edge of the back glass where I dropped it while being slightly distracted by my ex-girlfriend. There is also a small scratch on the front glass.

It’s still under AppleCare warranty, until August 2012. This can be transferred to the new owner in Canada (and, I believe, the United States) by notifying Apple.

It’s in the original box, with charging cable and charger. I’m including the Sennheiser headphones I bought to replace the stock headphones. The headphones have a microphone, plus volume and control buttons, so you can take calls and operate the iPod functions just as you could with the stock headphones. Plus, they sound better.

PM me for location and shipping details – I’m in Ontario, Canada. I’ll take Paypal, Interac e-transfer, or Canadian certified cheque.