Faimly lawyer

I live in Mississauga kindly tell me the the procedure of divorce in islam?

Check some local legal clinics.

An interesting point - in Jewish religious law, a divorce only happens if the man gives his (ex)wife a “get”. Ontario law states that a man cannot appear in family court or defend himself against support claims, custody claims, etc. unless he gives that “get” - i.e. he cannot hold his wife hostage to religion and also send his lawyer to demand better terms in court.

I assume the same applies to Sharia law - if the husband will not give the wife a religious divorce, he cannot contest the civil divorce and the terms of custody or support? Or can the wife get a religious divorce unilaterally?

I don’t think a local legal clinic will be able to offer much help with an Islamic divorce.

Except for its timing, it’s not such bad advice. From 1991 to 2005 the Arbitration Act could be used to enforce rulings of religious courts in Ontario. That presumably included rulings on Islamic divorce.

At this point we don’t know whether the OP’s scenario involves a civil marriage. If the marriage is religious but not civil (or vice versa), that probably simplifies things, as there’s only one jurisdiction to worry about. Perhaps the OP could provide further details on the situation so that we can give more targeted advice.

At the very least, it could be good research into the civil ramifications. Heck, if the OP wants an Islamic divorce, I’d be happy to send him a nicely-printed Islamic divorce decree suitable for framing, just pay shipping and handling.