Fair Warning: TMI (Or, Waiter, There's Gun Powder in My Sag Paneer)

Hm. Sounds like it might have some diagnostic value . . .

Although, last time I took that stuff, it took me almost a week to, um, recover from it. As if by cheeeeeese.

My dad, who inhaled books, told me of some authors using the phrase, “that makes the cheese more binding” after a big plot shift. Though I read a lot, I have never seen it used.

QtM, my theory is that it is gastrocolic reflex, but that just as some people have this reflex triggered violently by some foods, so might some have it triggered by the presence of some bacteria or their toxins of a type or quantity that would not be noticeable to others.

Food on a steam table won’t be heated with perfect uniformity, and although a well-maintained steam table will maintain a high enough temp to kill bacteria before they multiply and cause a problem, it’s reasonable to think that some bacteria will survive for some time at the surface of the food. Perhaps the bacterial toxins that cause food poisoning in everyone also stimulate the gastrocolonic reflex in the peculularly sensative when present in minute amounts.

Pure speculation, I’ll admit, but I doubt anyone’s spent enough money studying it to prove me wrong! :wink:

That comes very close to laying out my basic theory, only way clearlier. Thanks Al.

I have something similar, and it took me the longest time to figure out what it is (not grease, spicy, dairy, etc, but it’s raw fibers like lettuce and fibery fruit. Spinach=bad. Who knew?). So I don’t order salads.