Fairly interesting

Mention a personal event or coincidence or chance happening that was fairly interesting. We don’t want any stories that are fantastic or even just interesting, only fairly interesting.

We have light bulb in a chandelier that has lasted over three years, while the other four bulbs have been replaced several times.

One I was on IRC (now bear in mind that IRC has several networks, some with up to 15,000 channels [i.e. chatrooms] apiece).

I actually ran into somebody from my graduating class in high school. A friend even. Now, do the math : thousands of channels vs. 130 people in my graduating class, about 10 or 15 of which I was friends with. When you think about it, it’s really …ummm fairly interesting.

I’ve used the same pair of shoelaces in my last three pairs of dress shoes. A solid $.75 investment.

Last year I bought a little tabletop tree from CVS and decorated it. When I put it away, I simply tied a bag over it. This year I pulled it out and Presto! Tree In a Bag ™. My Christmas decorating was done in about 2 minutes.

I found it fairly interesting…

Love is like popsicles…you get too much you get to high.

Not enough and you’re gonna die…
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About 10 years ago I wrote my name on a 5 dollar bill with my birthdate. Just last month I found it in getting some change back at a gas station.

I’m on the executive board of the Binghamton Speech and Debate team. We have an office in the Bingamton University University Union. Every eboard member has a mailbox slot. Every now and then I just put something in my own box so I don’t forget it when I leave the office. Like a CD I brought to listen to while I did work.

Anyway another eboard member saw the CD, and when I went into the office I saw him looking at it. He looked at me and said, “I’ve got to borrow this sometime,” said a bit more about it and then casually put it in HIS OWN mailbox!

heh. I found THAT to fairly interesting behavior. . .

Also fairly interesting is the fact that I’ve never actually seen NJ quarters in NJ. I only get them when I leave the state. . .

Finally, I found it fairly interesting that amazon.com’s book suggestions actually hit the nail on the head; they suggested I buy a book that I actually like a lot. Of course, I already OWN the book. . . still I found that fairly interesting.

I lead a fairly interesting life, don’t I? :wink:

and then a person posted a question in MPSIMS and almost simultaneously, two people from the same city offered a reply. . .

All four of the lightbulbs in the kitchen went out within two days. I put a call into X-Files but haven’t gotten an answer. Not yet.

That’s fairly interesting…So Daniel, when are we going to have a “Binghamton Dopers” meeting? I’m thinking cappachino at Starbucks after Christmas break. We can post pictures and tell everyone about our crazy antics. Let me know!

Love is like popsicles…you get too much you get to high.

Not enough and you’re gonna die…
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If all goes well, three months from now, my car’s odometer will roll over 100,000 miles–for the third time.

Numerous parts have been replaced over the years, but it’s the original motor and transmission–still just a-purring.

(I really should be studying for my finals right now. . .)

Binghamton Dopers meeting. I like that. Trouble is that after finals (this week) they kick us out of dorms and I get shipped back home to NJ, 3 1/2 hours away :frowning:

I won’t be a Binghamton Doper again until Jan 22.

ARE there any other Binghamton Dopers?

interestingly enough I once had the nickname Doper. Or maybe it was Slapper. There was this one guy who would dope slap me a lot, so someone nicknamed us Doper and Slapper, but I can’t remember which is which. . .

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AFTER xmas break is good though. It’s just that it’s a really long break so you might have to send a dope slap my way to remind me!

I also own a watch that cost me $5 from Wal-mart.

I bought it four years ago, and it still runs.

I had been noticing an odd rattling sound coming from the dash of my car from time to time. I’d press and press on the little plastic covers on all the dials, hold the radio buttons down, etc., all to no avail. It would come and go at random times. I’d also notice occasionally, as I’d glance at the odometer, that I could have sworn I’d already passed that particular mileage.

One day I just happened to look down at the odometer and noticed that it was at 66,665.2 (or something like that), soon to be coming up on double triple sixes - YIKES! I watched as I passed 666666 and it turned over to 666667, and heaved a sigh of relief that my car didn’t spontaneously combust.

I came to a stop sign shortly thereafter and when I accelerated I started hearing that annoying little rattle again. GRRRRR - Where is that stupid noise coming from? I start feeling around to see where it might be, and as I’m looking down at my dash, I see my odometer spinning at an extremely rapid speed — backwards!

It stops when I come to my next stop. Upon accelerating again, it now starts going forward and I have to drive past 666666 again!

Besides the fact that I’m the only person I’ve ever known whose odometer randomly spins backwards, taking miles off my car, I thought it was fairly interesting that I only noticed it when I passed that spooky number.

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Last night both “i know what you did last summer” movies came on. Since there was nothing else on, i decided to watch and see what the big deal was. Interestingly enough, i laughed through both of them.
Seriously, have you ever seen them? No offense to anyone who liked them, but man, are they retarded!

White Wolf

“Friends come and go, but enemies accumulate.”

Shayna, that’s almost too interesting, but we’ll take it.

I’ve been talking to a group of people on a Yahoo board once in a while. One guy lives in Texas and I live in Missouri. After a few weeks of discussion, we find out that we were both at the one and only Sugarcubes concert in Cincinnati a few years back. We don’t miss that city too much.

When I was in the Marine Reserve, I met a guy who was born at the same hospital as me, 2000 miles away. It was FAIRLY interesting.

Thanks Sunbear! (BTW, did you see the thread where I renamed you? Hehehehe).

Ok, how’s this for only “fairly” interesting?

I’m sending IMs with a friend who I introduced to this board when I found it a week or so ago (although she hasn’t gotten the nerve up to post yet - only lurk). I send her an IM asking if she’s read my odometer story yet. She tells me that as I was sending her that message, that that was the very topic and reply she was reading at that moment. Now what are the odds of that - given how many different threads on all the various MBs there are here? Fairly interesting, wouldn’t you say?

What part of Missouri are you from? I grew up in St. Louis. Could I know you, perhaps?

“The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.” – Lily Tomlin

Do you all remember “That’s Incredible!” ???

About ten or more years ago, New Zealand television created the TV show known as “That’s Fairly Interesting.”

It was the biggest dullest pile of shite ever, but gained infamy from that, and somehow lasted several seasons, even though all they seemed to showcase was overweight cats and idiots who slammed their heads into bricks.

However, this is not a good indicator of New Zealand TV, which has in its time garnered some gems. (Not least of which was the series I wrote)

But it is, in any case, fairly interesting.

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I was coming out of Vons, and as usual, forgot where I had parked. I saw what I thought was my car, opened the driver’s door, and was actually about to put the key in the ignition, when I realized, “…I don’t have a kiddie seat in my car.” Thinking that the owner(s) should be warned, if the door had been unlocked, about the foolishness of leaving one’s car open, I locked the door, then tried the key, and it opened again. I located my own car, and drove off, looking over both shoulders.

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