Fairly Odd Parents "Channel Chasers"

Anybody seen this? It’s a feature length cartoon and it’s full of parodies of just about every animated TV show you’ve ever seen, from the claymation “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” to “Johnny Quest”. Very clever.

Well, the key point here would be, did they just include references to other animated shows, which is easy to do but not neccesarily funny, or did they make the sort of witty observations about the shows that we might regard as funny?

I saw it a couple weeks ago and I enjoyed it. Evil Captor, I remember that they had the main characters from the Fairly Oddparents doppled (for lack of a better word) into different TV shows and I remember thinking that it was very well done and being entertained by it.

I watched this with my grandsons and their cousin. It was probably the wittiest animated feature I’ve ever seen, in 50+ years of enjoying animation on and off. The boys and I were in stitches through most of it. (Of course, the absurd premise of the entire series helps!)

There have been many cartoons that were funny on several levels, so that cute “in” references would go over the kids’ heads but amuse adults and teens watching. But this one managed to make the same witty events amusing to both me and 9-year-old Brandon.

We spent most of the latter half of the movie identifying the animation parodied to each other. And agreed that it was probably, in the sense that a good pastiche is a tribute, the Czupo acknowledgement and honoring of all the animators that have preceded them.

I lost the ability to breathe during the "Speed Racer’ parody.

“Fairly Odd Parents” in general is an excellent show. A mix of out and out absurdity, resonant issues of being a kid, a lot of wish fulfillment (please don’t throw things at me), and a lot of good use of cliched kid’s cartoon elements. That and Timmy’s contanst explanation of “Uh, the Internet.” is just perfectly delivered and always gets a chuckle from me.

I’ve heard from co-workers that Fairly OddParents is one of the more tolerable cartoons, but I’d never seen it until last night: I was babysitting a friend’s son, and we tuned in to Nickleodeon while Channel Chasers was already in progress (I didn’t realize until I read the OP that it was a feature-length thing…I thought it was just a regular episode). I was highly entertained! I think I liked it even more than my 3-year-old charge did. :wink: It was followed by more episodes, and I found them rather clever as well.

(The Tim, I know exactly what you mean about the Speed Racer parody!)

I’ve seen this show a few times. I really enjoy it!