Fairy Tale Endings [spoilers]

The ending to The Girl Without Hands is as follows:

Because of the garishness of the story, or something, I question if I really grasp what this story means. What does it mean, folks?

It means that the girl sacrificed herself to save her father, and in the end was rewarded.

Ok, thanks.

It seems like the imagery is echoing references that I may not be entirely on top of. It seems like the cloth falling off of the King’s face is an echo of something(s), but I don’t feel confident that I have all the possibilities at my fingertips.

A son named Filled-With-Grief seems pretty loaded, though I wonder if I can map out the full spectrum of meanings.

Her hands grow back. Apparently there is a version of the story where her hands do not grow back, silver hands is the best she does. How important is this detail?

There are just 3 examples. I don’t feel like I grasp the full extent of this story…

“Husband completely forgets wife” is a recurring theme; not very frequent thankfully as the reunion tends to be handed as if the author was running out of either inspiration or time (or both). I recently saw an Italian 1000 nights where the sultan turned out to be Aladdin and Scherezade his forgotten wife… and moving out of total schlock with bare midriffs, the little bit you quoted could be a Christened version of the story of Sita and Rama (which still may include bare midriffs but it’s not schlock).

Yeah, it doesn’t seem like the girl is so especially rewarded. The Devil pretty much screws up her whole life. She is never reunited with her family, she spends all those years separated from her husband, and her child ends up filled with grief, literally. Her hands grow back, and that’s nice, but it is many years, if not over a decade, later. If the girl is supposed to be the hero, it is hard to imagine being inspired to imitate her by this story.