Sleeping Beauty's gifts from the Fairies??

My 3-year old daughter is constantly watching the movie, so I’ve had many an opportunity to ponder this question:

near the beginning of the movie, the 3 good Fairies begin giving Princess Aurora a magical gift. gift of beauty, gift of song, and…
Had the evil witch not shown up at precisely that moment, what would Maryweather’s gift have been?

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Sunshine every day, rain only during the sleeping hours*, no temperatures above 90 or below 60 degrees.

(*with the exception of one or two really good thunderstorms a year.)

A sense of irony?

Knowing Merryweather, I’m thinking “lots and lots of blue things”. She did kind of get carried away with the whole color thing.

But then, Flora wasn’t much better with her fixation on pink.

A thimble?

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Good question. Sleeping Beauty is my all time favorite Disney movie. How about wisdom?

I am not deliciously saucy.

um… death of witches.

A brand new Chrysler cordoba with corinthian leather.

A block of Microsoft shares.

THe ability to perform perfect cunnilingus? What, it’s not those kind of faeries?

I sold my soul to Satan for a dollar. I got it in the mail.

I have a friend that is a character (Eeyore) at Disneyland, and according to the training they get, they have to actually know answers to dumb questions like this (if they are not costumed-headed characters, that is), because little kids ask them stuff like, “Cinderella, where are your glass slippers?” I will pose this question to him and see what he says. :slight_smile:


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My buddy #1, Designer Whiner, sez:

I’ll let you know when Eeyore gets back to me.


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