Faith Hill: Breathe on This, You Soggy Bitch!

Rysand, I don’t think Anth was joking.

As for Faith, well, I liked her a lot before she decided to go “pop”. As a country diva, she was great. But now she’s trying to be popular with everybody, (and obviously not succeeding) it’s driving me crazy.
She and her hubby’s concert tour came through here the other day. The stupid-ass critic said, “She’s too pop, and not enough country.” Then he proceded to name all of the country hits as the culprits, the worse part of the show, and the pop hits as the best part. :rolleyes: I think the critic is a fucking idiot, but hey, what do I know?


I find country music annoying in general

What about her makes her “soggy?”


You think you have it tough??

Think again!

We have in Canada, CanCon laws (Canadian Content) meaning that so much of every radio hour MUSt be of canadian artists…

Canadian artists.

Follow me here…
Celine-cocksucker-Dion-------------ALL FUCKING DAY!!!
If I switch to the hard rock station…I get Ruch - whish is enough to make me jab dull pencils in my ears.

now, if you will excuse me, its time for my medication…

Yes yes, but you’re forgetting one thing… she’s hot!

Kepi…Tim’s all yours. And tell him to get a new hat. The one he wears makes him look like an overripe mushroom.

Pepperlandgirl…I liked her country stuff, too. But now that my goddamn cable system dropped the Country Music Network, I only get to see Faith on VH1, so I’ll take whatever I can get.


Kelli…Shania is a bit more eye candy than singing talent, but she’s tolerable, even enjoyable, in small doses. I would, however, open a vein if I had to listen to “La Petite Quebecois” too often. You have my deepest sympathy. Maybe now that she’s preggers she’ll take a break for a few years.

I don’t believe I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing Ms. Hill sing. But I hate her on principle.

My husband is a blues musician. A really, really good one. He can be a bit of a musical snob at times, but hey, I can live with that.

But when he tells me to be quiet, because the Pepsi commercial with Faith Hill is on, ahem. There’s a problem.

Now, he’s a guy like any other. He appreciates good hair & a nice set of hooters, and I can accept that. But when he says he likes her singing, no. He’s lying.

If he’d just say “Hey, I hate her singing, but boy does she ever have a pretty set of jugs,” I’d be fine with that. Men like tits. Nothing new about that. But when she makes him want to sacrifice his musical integrity, well…

I’ll hold her down, you stuff the decaying rodent down her throat.

Thankfully I can say I’ve never hear her on the radio. I like some country, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash etc. but I can’t stand this drivel by the likes of Dixie Chicks, Shania & Faith. To me, they’re right up there with N’Suck & Britney SPmyEARSarebleeding. Unfortunately, I have to see those god awful commercials all the time. The pepsi girl & Faith Hill together was obviously concocted by Satan, and is one of his finest achievements to date.

Yes … but so is the girl who works at a nearby dutch store, and she does not think she is a sultry, sexy, songstress (she does have a nice pair of breasts though! - on an aside, I have noticed that they typically come in pairs; breasts that is)

I hate Faith Hill.

My spaniel just gave birth to 6 adorable puppies.

I still, at age 34, try to get a peak at my Christmas Presents.

I am typing this with a bouncing giggly baby boy on my lap!

HAH! :smiley: