Fake 1957 Chevys

Eight or nine years ago I read somewhere (it might have been an early SD book) about someone who continued to make brand new 1957 Chevolets for several years after Chevrolet stopped making them. Supposedly he used a small car assembly line plant and made all new cars and sold them. The article did not go into great detail, but it seems the cars were virtually identical to the originals.
And it seems like he made several thousand of them also, not just a handfull.
In all my dealings with car people over the years, I have never heard anything about this again.

Does anyone have any info about these replica Chevys, or is this just an myth?


GM would have stepped on them like a roach.

Hope this helps.

The actual '57 Chevy is treasured among hotrodders. However, the '57 was terribly prone to rust (no front fender liner, IIRC.) As a result, there’s a company or two now making fiberglass replicas of most of the '57’s body. Once a major body part is replaced in plastic, the car is worthless as a collector’s specimen, and no fraud is intended. However, hotrodders don’t mind a little prosthetic substitution. Many '57-based custom rods are partly plastic.

How were they titled, as “Faux Fifty-Sevens”?

I smell an urban legend.

With 1.5 million Chevys produced in 1957, why go through the trouble of producing 200K more (and stealing from Chrysler to do so)?