Fake anti-virus virus.

Just letting you know that I got two of those fake anti-virus viruses, from the Straightdope, when I was at work. One on Monday and one on Thursday.

Sorry I don’t have any information about it because the IT guys were quickly on my computer deleting it and they’ve asked me not to open Straightdope at work anymore.

Just FYI.

What will you do at work all day now?

I don’t know, probably work or something stupid like that. :mad: I had to go all day without checking some threads that I’m following. It was torture I tells ya, torture!!!

Do you have an adblocker on the browser? I can’t imagine a place with IT guys not having adblock software. I just run adblock plus and microsoft security essentials and haven’t had a problem on work or home.

Or you could buy membership, that also gets rid of the ads…

I don’t know how else you would pick up viruses otherwise?


At my work we’re specifically not allowed to install any software that is not on the approved list. That includes adblock, or any other security software other than the McAfee version that the IT installed on all the computers on the company globally. The McAfee that failed to catch this problem when it showed up a couple of years ago, by the way.

Yes, our IT sucks.

Maybe they know darn well their department would shrink and they would have little to do if they allowed AdBlock software and decent security software! Hmmm.

My company IT policy is like that, too. We are not given admin rights nor allowed to install anything deviating from the standard list unless specifically approved. Our IT dept is overworked and understaffed, so it’s not about job security. It is strict control to ensure only licensed apps, and nothing that will compromise the system.