Fake Chick Fil A

I read here and there that the trick to making a homemade chicken sandwich that tastes like Chick Fil A is to marinate the chicken in pickle juice for an hour or two first.

I’m trying it out.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

(Doing one batch with Vlassic Kosher Dill, and another with Vlassic Zesty Dill.)

Just tried a nugget thrown in while cooking the breasts.

A bit pickly.

But I’m optimistic.

As I recall, their chicken tasted vaguely like rancid pickles to me, so you’re probably on the right track. Why you want to be on that track, I have no idea, but your tastes are your business. (I was boycotting Chik-Fil-A long before I learned about the religious nutjobbery, because I think their food sucks. The moral high ground has just conveniently risen beneath me.)

They also have fake Chick Fil A sandwiches at McDonald’s now if you don’t feel like cooking.

How to make your own Chick-fil-Gay. Attn str8 doodz: video features smokin’ babe.

I will steal this in the future.

I think that the boycott just rose beneath you too - you can’t boycott something because you don’t like it - you just avoid it.

Don’t understand the love for Chick-Fil-A. I’ve only had it once and it was unimpressive to say the least. Yuck.

However, this particular CFA was in an amusement park so that may have made a difference.

When I was a kid there was a word for officially giving up something you didn’t like anyway, but it wasn’t boycott. It was Lent.


It’s possible that I was being just a tiny bit facetious, you know. However, just for the record: even if I had an abiding love for rancid pickle-chicken, I would refuse to do business with CFA now. So it has become a boycott at this point, as my primary motivation has changed.

None of which is relevant to Frylock’s pickle-chicken experiments (which I fully support, snark notwithstanding), so I’ll stop the hijack.

Steal and enjoy! :smiley:

Their chicken is fried in peanut oil. I always thought that was the major reason it tastes better than (imo) and certainly different from other fast food chicken sandwiches. You just need the little pickle slice on top to make the whole thing taste like a pickle though, apparently. I always used to take mine off but it didn’t seem to help, hehe.

I miss not hating that place (stopped eating there last year after I was made aware of some of their donation habits and other such things.) Maybe I’ll try making my own too.

It was alright. A little too pickly, but not bad.

I want to work on the breading. We just dipped in beaten eggs (with a little oil to make it more runny) and then rolled in flour with a little salt mixed in. The breading was fairly flavorless, but it seems to me that half of what’s so great about Chick Fil A’s sandwiches is their breading. There’s something in them, I know not what. And it’s not just the flavor–their breading has a texture to it that I don’t know how to replicate. It’s much crunchier than the only breading I know how to make. And it seems thicker and more coherent. It’s almost like something I would eat in and of itself.

Would the peanut oil make a huge difference in flavor or texture? (We used vegetable oil.)

Does it matter that they use a pressure cooker rather than (as we did) frying it up in a skillet?

I see some recipes (including one linked in this thread) add in a fairly substantial amount of sugar to the flour. Could the carmelization of sugar be part of what gives the stuff its texture? (Does sugar carmelize in this environment?)


Peanut oil does impart a hugely different taste than vegetable oil, based on personal experience using both kinds before. I hope you try it with peanut oil next time so you can let me know if I’m on the right track :slight_smile:

As for the bread crumbs, I have no idea. I haven’t gotten very good at breading yet. Plus I’m eating far less fried food these days anyway.

They suck.

Isn’t this experiment unsustainable long term? I mean if you’re draining off the pickles to obtain the pickle juice, why not just start with vinegar?

I have got to try one of these Chick-fil-a sandwiches. I’d never even heard of this company until a couple years ago and there are none near me. What makes their chicken stuff better than, let’s say, KFC or Popeye’s?

Or Subway, for that matter?

It tastes totally different from other fast food chicken. I’m convinced it’s the peanut oil that makes it taste so different,but it’s also… just really good. Nom.

Of course, some people don’t like it at all. Ymmv as always.

Better is a matter of opinion but I would certainly say it IS different. And I would say it is mostly the breading “style”, though IIRC the chicken meat itself was nice and moist. I kinda like them myself but haven’t had one in years. But I always thought the sandwiches were kinda pricey. Which may be part of it. Perhaps they don’t use the cheapest piece of chicken they can find. Or other ingredients for that matter.

And on the pickle thing. Yeah, I despise nasty ass pickle chips but they do seem to be a key and important ingredient in the Chick Fil A sandwhich experience. Somehow they seem neccessary and work.

I guess I could do that but I don’t understand what you mean when you say it’s unsustainable.