Fake cop pulls over real cop - d'oh!

Wow. Just… wow.

What a shitlord. Glad this happened to a cop and not an unsuspecting citizen. He might have been planning on robbing or kidnapping the person he pulled over.

Or worse: Murder of Cara Knott - Wikipedia

But… According to your link, he wasn’t a fake cop; he was real.

The fake cop pulled over the real one, stared the guy down, then left. So the real cop went and pulled over the fake one.

Bumped for a similar case recently in Akron, Ohio: http://www.ohio.com/news/break-news/man-accused-of-impersonating-akron-police-officer-by-trying-to-pull-one-over-pleads-no-contest-1.565711

I’ve heard of this happening before. Apparently there are a hell of a lot of cop wannabes out there, and apparently pulling over “civilians” so you can ego trip and give them a “warning” is a bit of a thing for them cop wannabes.

Until they trip over a real cop.

Y’know, it’s actually a crime to impersonate a police officer?

But…it always works so well in the movies…


It happened again in Florida: Florida man pretending to be a deputy tried to pull over a real detective and got arrested | CNN

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Must be something in the water in Florida!: A man pretending to be a police officer was arrested after he pulled over a deputy | CNN

Florida Man strikes again…