Cop Goes Bananas On Driver...

Fortunately, the driver of the vehicle that was pulled over has a video that we all can review since the officer seems to have misplaced his!

“You wanna to try me tonight, young boy!” :eek:

Officer! I bet you say that to all the boys!
What a jackass.

Well, it doesn’t even come close to this video, but at least it’s an improvement. The cop in your video is still pretty stupid, though.

You can see why there’s so much discussion and arguing going on in [thread=436087]this GQ thread[/thread] about cops demanding ID and such. The threshold is “reasonable suspicion” but an asshole cop can always come up with that. It might not hold up, but that’s not much consolation if you got screwed over for two days or so defending yourself.

Link in OP doesn’t work for me. :frowning:

A follow up article that gives a bit more depth to the video. And an alternate link to the video in case the OP’s doesn’t work (as it didn’t for me).

Cops can sometimes be assholes.

Maybe oversalted hamburger girl is this victim’s cousin.