Fake girlfriends

Real dolls are bad enough but now fake girlfriends on you cell phone. Not only that but you have pay real money for fake gifts or they get mad? Is this the end?

Wow, I thought those little virtual pets were stupid, but they think some guy’s going to pay money for this? It’s not like you’re going to ever get laid, or even been seen with a Laura Crofts-oid woman by your buddies. What’s the point? Conversation?

Is it just me or does that fake girlfriend look like a little kid?

Her head is a little too big for her body, which does give her a faintly childish/Betty Boop look.

Maybe she’s a gymnast. (Admit it: you hadn’t heard an Olympics reference for a good three minutes, had you?)

I’m afraid I’m missing something here. You pay a subscription fee, and you pay to buy her flowers and gifts, and you get WHAT exactly for your money? The obligation to pay MORE money?

I could see it if there were prizes or something to reward your investment with, but as it’s written, it just seems like tossing money away for no reason.

It’s somewhat comforting to know there are people more desperate for companionship than I am.

“Welcome to Raisins, Sweetie!”

Find me not supprised if this game takes off.

Doesn’t say much for us guys that they’re confident they can make a go of virtual girlfriends, but they don’t think they’ll be able to get women to spend money on a virtual boyfriend.


Seems like something I should look into.

I’m gonna go tell my wife that I love her. Thank God I don’t have to slip a dead prez in her hand when I do it… :smiley:

Nothing like reinforcing the idea that a woman will treat you right…for the right price… :rolleyes:

When I was a kid, all the fake girlfriends lived in Canada. Trust the Japanese to muscle in on that market, too.

When all other options have failed, a fake girlfriend is better than no girlfriend.

So you’d rather spend a lot of money on someone who doesn’t exist?

Whatever happened to those kits that came with love letters and pictures?

No, you’re not missing anything. It’s just like a real relationship. *

*yes, I know that some clever and deluded soul will come along and mention that the sex part is missing. I reiterate: It’s just like a real relationship.

Makes me wonder how much they charge if you want a divorce…

Half your cell phone minutes per month.

[Eddie Murphy] HALF! [/Eddie Murphy]

At least the women can sleep with their Boyfriend Pillow. This world is getting wierd.

I dunno, that man pillow looks pretty comfy. I mean, it probably weighs lots less than my boyfriend, which means my arm won’t be crushed.
Do you have to keep paying for it, making excuses when it’s late and reminding it to take out the trash like a real man?