Falcon and the Winter Soldier (Spoilers)

Nope, I always assumed it was something Howard was working on for a new Captain America. Remember that he had a new super soldier serum just before he died.

I read somewhere it was intended to be “incomplete shield, in process of assembly/construction,” but I can’t find the source any more. It’s probably the most reasonable explanation.

Oh sure, I got that much - but an incomplete shield for what?

Maybe Howard liked the design he came up with in the first Cap movie (as seen when they initially pull out the unpainted prototype in the bunker lab) and he and his son have been tinkering with the concept ever since, even though they no longer have a Cap to give it to. I dunno, man, it’s comics.

Sure, it’s easy to fanwank an answer, I was just wondering if there was a non-fanwank answer.

Oh, I see. No, nothing official that I’m aware of.

It’s kinda like in Homecoming when Happy mentions loading up “prototype for Cap’s new shield” and “Thor’s magic belt.” Just a little detail that really has no relevance.

One thing I can’t help thinking, though.

Everyone talks about the super soldier serum in terms of, well, soldiers.

But doesn’t the serum also make you basically immune to disease?

I’m willing to suspend disbelief when it comes to the idea that a bunch of soldiers who can punch really hard are a real threat when we’ve got fleets of predator drones, because it’s necessary for the fiction. But everyone’s treating the super soldier serum like it’s a WMD, and not the greatest medical breakthrough since penicillin. Maybe the best way to counter the threat of super soldiers is super civilians. If everyone can punch really hard, punching really hard ceases to be an advantage, and as an added bonus, cancer isn’t a thing any more.

Which, actually, would have been a great motive for the Flag Smashers: “Super Serum for the people,” instead of a vague ramblings about how “borders suck, man.”

(Bonus points if you end the series with Karli Morgenthau getting sucked into a jet engine.)

THESE super soldiers are not even that much of a threat. They run from MOOKS WITH GUNS. And one of them manages to slow them down for about two seconds.

I just realized with some amusement that Sam is the King of “Let me help you, and getting rejected”…when we arnt really sure if he can do that. Poor guy.

His sister
The civilians in Riga
He may have well have said it to Isiah

That was an interesting episode. I’m not sure if the pacing has been good in any of them, but this addressed, or at least passed by, a lot of things that needed a follow-up.

I think they also revealed who the Power Broker is. Or made us think that’s what they did.

I really was not expecting to see Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

I mean, these people really ARE Super Civilians. Having superstrength is dangerous when there’s a mob of anonymous masked people and you don’t know who’s who, but they’re not “Soldiers.” Any fool can punch, but punching well is just the tip of the iceberg. And I’d argue that an enhanced person could be a real threat if they were smart and willing to do ugly things. It’s a WMD if you can mass-produce it, or even if it can be passed down naturally from parent to child.

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Marvel have plans for her. Whoever she is in the grand scheme of things, hero or villain, associate or enemy, she will be around and about for a while, apparently as a Nick Fury type.

Loved the episode. Especially the deep dive into race and being a hero in America. Hoping they don’t kill Walker in the finale - it’s a great performance of a really interesting character, IMO.

An actual, non ironic, training montage!

Moreover, a boat-repairing montage, too! Honestly thought that was a bit of a strange narrative break at this point in the story, it sort of took out most of the momentum…

So, what was in the case? I mean, evidently he’s missing some kind of costume/uniform, and it could be one with something like Black Panther’s tech built in, which might give him a bit of an edge against the super soldiers—but it would be sorta odd for Wakanda to supply a Captain America-uniform.

Odder than giving Bucky, a former Russian assassin, an arm?

Seemed obvious enough to me that it’s new wings, considering Walker broke his old ones.

I’m very disappointed in the Hoskins character. His entire identity is “lower ranking friend of John Walker.” When we saw him talking it was all about John and how great John was and about the decisions John was making. His death was all about John’s mental state. When we saw his parents, we find out that he wasn’t proud of his own service or even their joint work. No, apparently, he talked about John to them and how great John was.
It’s a very weird misstep with what they seem to be doing with the rest of the series.

Russel is doing a great job with John Russell slowly breaking.

I was kind of thinking you were kidding about that being the big cameo. It not particularly matching ANYTHING the showrunner was talking about. But iy being sort of a non-starter Im fine with