Fall has fell

It’s officially fall – I turned the heat on this morning, since it was 60 (F) in here. I usually try to go to November 1st before succumbing – but I’m not usually home during the day when it’s 60 degrees inside.

Mmm, heat, lovely.

Below freezing for the first time this season when I started my car this morning (27F). I may have to stop wearing flip flops soon. :frowning:

We’ve been relying on oil filled electric heaters downstairs when we’re home because I’m refusing to turn on the whole house heat until November 1. (It’s steam radiators via oil heat.) The cats huddle around the two space heaters like they’re barnacles on a hull.

Tonight I plan on making meatloaf and baked potatoes in the oven. I’m just hoping I don’t have to peel the cats off the oven door before taking out the meatloaf. :smiley:

I had frost on the car window for the very first time this morning. (Lancaster, PA, here…for those who don’t know already)

I have every intention of going through my closet tonight and dragging my fleece jacket out.

Heh…during the course of Pushing Daisies last night, two of our three cats found comfortable and warm perches nestled on top of supervenusfreak’s legs. I had to excavate him out from under the catpile at the end of the hour.

I’m actually the warmer bodyheater, but the cats don’t like me as much as they like him.

jayjay, I had all three cats on me last night. That’s not *too *unusual, though.

It’s currently 82 degrees here (at 9.45 am), and the forecast is for 95.

Fall has definitely not fell. But, then again, i’m not sure that it ever really does in Southern Calfiornia.

I should add that i’m going to miss Fall and Winter out here. While SoCal’s perfect weather has much to recommend it, i really enjoyed the mid-Atlantic seasons.

Every night when my kid and I take a walk we’ve been bringing her little red wagon along and collecting suitable firewood neighbors have left on the curb from their clean-up after Hurricane Ike. I’ve probably got a little over a cord, plus a whole bunch of cedar scraps from all the new fence building that’s been going on. Now that our evenings have cooled and the skeets are down it’s time to fire up the chimminea and enjoy smores on the patio. We likes the fall.

I am in NYC and fall officially fell here about a week ago. I am loving this cooler weather and I can’t wait for winter! Hurrah for the cold!

6 degrees f at my house this morning. About 6 inches of snow on the ground.

A few years ago we had a 2 foot storm on Columbus day.

It got down into the teens last night, and it snowed back over the weekend of the 11th. I don’t think there’s going to be any more nights where it doesn’t drop below freezing until, oh, April?

You wusses (aside from enipla, who lives at twice the altitude I do) who don’t live in the mountains! :slight_smile:

Yup, '06. In '97 we got 4 feet a little east of you in the plains. We lost 300 calves that blindly wandered into tanks and canals and drowned. Colorado Octobers can be pretty dicey.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the mid-Atlantic region is in for a colder and snowier winter than normal this year. Rah. :rolleyes:

Our heat has kicked on a few times already - I have the thermostat set for 62 at night, and 67 just before we wake up. I’m thinking it’s time to put the electric mattress pad on the bed.

It’s also time to start running the leaf mulcher before our yard is inundated like last year. If we do it every other week or so, it shouldn’t be too bad. I love our trees except in the fall.

Some of my fall indicators:

I saw a preying mantis last week, probably the first and only of the season.
Geese flying is always a favorite.
The smell of wood smoke.

Normally in Colorado this time of year–dry, cool, colorful. Stuck in Texas for the Autumn this year–humid, green & cold. And no kitty. Lotsa bugs. Never again…

It was 90°F and dead calm yesterday. This is ridiculously hot for any time of the year in Santa Barbara. I hope it cools down to our normal 75°F.

Lows in the 60s, highs in the lower 90s. Sounds like fall.:stuck_out_tongue:

I see the mantis all summer…maybe they are more noticeable with sparser and less green vegetation? Easier to see the egg cases now.

It is likely because I hate hot weather, so I only go out in the fall! :slight_smile: