Fall/Winter Holidays 2020 - What are your plans?

At this point, I want my holiday plans to be no plans at all.

My sister is the one that worries me. She treats the pandemic as if it is a joke and continues traveling, doing everything, interacting with people, going into restaurants, etc. almost just as before, and inviting other people to join her. If there were anyone in our family who would be a silent spreader, it would be her. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t want her to visit us and every time she drops by - for minutes or hours - it makes me nervous. And she may hang out with us a long while during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

As much as you may love her, your sister is a dangerous person to be around. Why have you not told her that with COVID, you’re not allowing ANYONE to drop by? Why have you not said you’re not having guests at all between Thanksgiving and Christmas? I’m assuming there are good reasons. I just can’t imagine what they might be.

My wife and I opted out of family christmas gatherings when we got married. I can think of nothing worse than having to go to someone else’s house on Xmas day, or worse, having someone here.
So we’ve never done it and so have no need to make tough decisions this year.

Normally we go away for two weeks over xmas and new year, skiing in Austria but that’s not possible this year so we’ll just have a quiet time at home for the day itself and we’ve booked an apartment for a few days at new year, up where our families live so we can do a bit of catching up at our leisure,

However, I’m suspecting that any sort of social mixing is going to be very limited and if that is the case we are prepared to cancel that and book a remote cottage with hot-tub and open fire instead for a new year change of scenery.