Fallout 3 ads: Are they geographically specific?

There are ads for some new post-apocalyptic game called “Fallout 3” displayed prominently in the Washington DC subway system, and one of the posters shows a blasted Capitol building over a ruined Mall.

I’m curious whether the advertising for this game in other cities features the destruction of those cities’ landmarks instead of the DC monuments? I.e., a toppled Stature of Liberty, a broken Gateway Arch, a fallen Golden Gate Bridge? Or is the thrill of destroying Washington so universal that those ads are nationwide? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it is just set in Washington, they same way the earlier ones were set in Reno and San Francisco.

Yes, it is set in DC and its environs.

Ah, OK. Thanks!

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In case anyone missed the news, it’s due in stores Oct 28.

The first one was mostly SoCal. Fallout 2 was California (mostly Northern), most of Nevada and Oregon. Fallout Tactics was most of the middle of the US. Van Buren was supposed to be Utah/Colorado. BoS I have no clue.

And Wasteland (the game from which Fallout drew it’s inspiration, seeing as Fallout was originally going to be a Wasteland sequel had EA been willing to give the name back to Interplay for a reasonable sum) took place near the California/Nevada border.