Fallout 4 Countdown

Here I am starting a second games thread in the same day, but obviously this was meant to be time sensitive:

Countdown to an Announcement Probably About Fallout 4

I don’t know why they need all that business. Just tell me:
[li] Where to stick my money and,[/li][li] When[/li][/ul]

This one is going to be set in…Boston? I thought I heard?

Interesting! I was assuming (for no good reason) it would be set in the Fallout 1/2 general area, but I guess they kind of covered that in New Vegas. I’m totally up for exploring the ruinous Boston area.

Here’s hoping my somewhat old desktop can run the game adequately, and that my upcoming Ph.D program gives me a sliver of free time to play it in.

I’ll say the same thing I said last time: I want drivable vehicles so that I, a companion and a trunkful of guns can go on a postapocalyptic road trip.

I heard Boston as well but we may be hearing the same faulty rumor.

I really hope they try to do something different than “Grey/brown blasted wasteland” with this one. If it’s been long enough for giant mole rats and two-headed cows and deathclaws, I’d think a couple trees might have grown by now.

Apparently the code on the site refers to the “institute” which of course is MIT in the Fallout universe.

Where, according to Fallout 3, they have developed very effective android and AI technology. Also, Robert House’s alma mater. You have them to thank for Liberty Prime, and the various AIs of the Strip Securitrons.

So that would be one possible theme, or at least a fertile area for questing.

Maybe your character could be an android? :cool:

The source code for the page shows that the countdown and the onscreen animation appear to be an “institute.js” javascript. I’m inclined to treat it as a hint, although if Bethesda wanted to play dirty that could just be misdirection.

An android given the choice to hunt down renegades or serve The Railroad would be way cool. Then there’s potential for DLC: Armitage returning from the Capitol Wasteland for one.

Man, I would love to play an escaped android PC. I better stop wishing for it now in case it doesn’t happen.

You know, I haven’t watched the Making Of video that probably came with my deluxe edition of Fallout 3, but I have kind of assumed that they did the Capitol Wasteland last time because it’s in their corner of the country and they can send people out on junkets to get a feel for the area and take pictures and make sketches. And I suspected something similar was true for the Mojave area in New Vegas. The rumor that Bethesda would be doing Boston next didn’t exactly knock my theory out of the hat.

Fallout and GTA are great because they teach me the geography of cities I don’t know. I’m aware that in real life a given street corner has a Saks Fifth Avenue and not a cannibal den, but just the general layouts of DC, LV, NYC, etc. are ingrained in my brain.

Note: this region is called “the Commonwealth” in-game. There was speculation that it would be a location as early as Fallout 3; it sounds “likely” now.

Bah, Fallout 1 is the only Fallout and the Vault Dweller is it’s prophet…

surreptitiously starts looking for a new pc

I saw a pretty convincing YouTube video on Boston and Mass. being the location for the new Fallout 4. There have been a ton of videos on what would make the best new Fallout game, but at this point I simply want an announcement saying the game will be available this year. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t get too excited for it. I remember how hyped up I was for FO3, and now I barely care.

Having genuine dialogue-heavy isometric CRPGs like Pillars of Eternity back as a thing reminds me of how hollow the FPS/“Cinematic dialogue” style of RPG is. You get a few topics to ask about, and occasionally the option to choose between a great guy and a dickhead dialogue options (and those only matter occasionally), and that’s about it. And you get call of duty with pausible autoaim combat.

I want real choice, deep dialogue trees with multiple options, ways to truly make my character unique with strengths and weaknesses, and tactics in combat. I doubt we’re going to get that.

Quarter of an hour to go, I’m expecting it to 404 on account of all the traffic. My guess is an Inkspots tune while the camera slowly zooms out over a ruined Fenway Park.

Pretty much sums up my feelings on a new Fallout: Deviant Art .png

Please let it not be a MMO like I’ve heard. Boston’d be alright. I have family there and I’ve been enough to hopefully not get lost, which definitely wasn’t the case for D.C. I wouldn’t mind Chicago either, or something that incorporated more of the Van Buren story.

So they accidentally went live with parts of the website. A screenshot and box art is doing the rounds. http://kotaku.com/fallout-4-announced-for-ps4-xbox-one-pc-1708679442

Interesting, don’t recognise the type of Power Armor. Hope they’re not rehashing the Enclave as the villain again.

Boston confirmed.

It happened to be convenient for me to watch the countdown finish. All that happened was the clock went away. Then ten minutes later they broke into a vidoe. Looks like it’s another vault dweller. Shame. I liked the android idea.

So is see we’ll have Dogmeat again in the party :smiley: