Fallout 4 mods

Since mods are so crucial to the full enjoyment of Bethesda games, I figured I’d start a thread so that people can share and get information about its mods. The other thread is good as a general purpose F4 thread but mod-related conversations and links would get lost in the fray.
There may be mods which are best avoided because of bugginess or other issues. There may be must-try mods and some which are good but have some steep requirements or significant downsides. This is the place to talk about them.

I’ll start with 2 questions of my own:

The F4 textures seem to be pretty low res; Are high texture quality mods available? More generally, what mods enable F4 to shine graphically?

What are the best gameplay-enhancing mods?

If the Institute gave me a mod that allowed me to remap the movement keys to the numpad, I’d let them keep my son.

Pretty early yet so there’s not a huge amount of stuff out. I’m running the following:

Faster Terminal Displays - because seriously the default is annoyingly slow
More Where That Came From - expanded playlist for DCR
Configurable New Dialog - shows what you’re actually going to say instead of the misleading two word gloss
no dotdotdot - shrinks font in Pipboy for long weapon/armor names instead of truncating with …
Darker Nights - because you shouldn’t be able to see anything without a light at night

A hope a good settler manager is available soon.

I got the dialogue mod, but it doesn’t show me the whole line it’s supposed to, it only shows the four brief options except in a list form. I installed it as directed, and even installed an updated version.

That apparently is now available in the beta patch on Steam:


Have you been camping? Vision is pretty good once our eyes adjust. During a full moon its even better.

I grew up on a farm far enough away from urban areas that light pollution wasn’t an issue. I know what starlight and moonlight without artificial light look like. Default F4 nighttime light levels are scarcely darker than an overcast day. The default setting on Darker Nights (there are several levels) gets it just about right - you can just barely make out terrain at night for the purposes of running about, but you can’t make out any ground details. It’s enough to make you really want to find shelter for night.

Very good. :slight_smile:

Is Nexusmods the default place to find them?

It seems to be. I’ve tried finding the F4 Steam Workshop but found nothing although maybe my searching skills suck today. If someone does have a link to the F4 workshop, please post it.

I’m going to look at the ones that make the Pip Boy more legible.

Yes, and you’ll need to read the instructions on how to set up Fallout 4 to run mods. There’s not a lot to it but it’s slightly more involved than just dropping them into a folder or running the Nexus mod manager.

Also raised in a rural area (even though even there you’re rarely walking at night long away from any source of artificial light), and fully agree. On a typical night (not a clear summer night on a full moon, etc…) you don’t see that much. And in bad conditions (overcast sky, new moon, in woods, etc…), you see close to nothing.

Weirdly enough, this “no real night” issue bothered me too today. Even though interiors with lights everywhere are equally unrealistic and I didn’t care about that.

That said, I only remember one game where, when you didn’t bring your own light in a dungeon, it was just realistically pitch black instead of having torches somehow still burning everywhere in catacombs supposedly not visited by anybody during the last 2 thousand years (some oldie where you crash from your spaceship on a medfan world, can’t remember the name).

Anybody having problems with the Unlimited Settlement Objects mod? It’s not installing for me using the Nexus Mod Manager.

There is a mod that increases damage in survival mode. I have that one.

I’d like a mod that just gives you the same perk that requires 7 points to get, the one where you have access to your building materials in any settlements you open. It just isn’t fun to have to haul materials around manually.

Honestly, I’d also like a junk hauling mod that puts any junk you pick up onto your companions instead of yourself. The offload option at a workbench would automatically store all the junk at the settlement.

So far, I’ve enjoyed Towbie’s realistic weapon sounds (much more satisfying), real world damages (everyone dies quicker) and the combination of enhanced blood textures & gore overhaul (blood for the blood god!).

I have also lived most of my life in very rural areas, been camping, etc- with very few exceptions, there have been almost no nights that I was completely and utterly blind without artificial light. There was always plenty of light to at least get around, spot obstacles while moving, etc- not for moving quickly, but for moving at a regular stealthy pace. I found the “darker nights” mod for Fallout: New Vegas to be annoying to use, upping the difficulty for the sake of upping the difficulty rather than for realism. I am guessing this is about the same on Fallout 4.

Has there been a settlement management mod yet? I despise how difficult it is to see what roles people have been assigned. Even just having a dialog option would be nice- “So what are you working on?” “Seeing to the defense of Tenpines Bluff!”

Fallout 4 will not be in the Steam Workshop, because of consoles, somehow.

Bethesda is running their own mod workshop separate from Steam so they can curate lists of console-appropriate mods*. Of course, PC users can just continue to use the Nexus like God intended.

Granted, Bethesda COULD have both their official mod library and a Steam Workshop but I suppose they want to funnel all the traffic through their own site.

*Presumably no Piper Loli-Reskin Nude mods if that’s your thing.