Fallout Tactics

I have decided to tap the infinite accumulations of knowledge that is the straight dope mesage board for this completly mundane video game question;

*in Fallout Tactics, can you create a non human primary character? i ask because there are startup stats and initial trait lists for all of the various mutant races, but no indication of how to change between the races. or are the stats there to explain the traits of your recruits and enimies? there is a button that says human on the creation list, but nothing comes up when you click on it.

and as a supplementary, what does ‘tough guy’ on the character creation screen do?*

(please excuse the moronic and newbie-oid questions. they weren’t mentioned in the manual and i only got the game sunday evening)

saepiroth wrote:

Not in single-player mode.

It screws you. Don’t touch it. A few days after the game went out, people were on the fan boards desperately looking for a way to shut it off. Basically, it makes it impossible to heal without returning to base first.