Family Circus reference in The Big Picture?

The Big Picture is a reality-based comic strip by Lennie Peterson. Lennie’s cat, Ginger, recently died in real life, and so he also had her die in the comic strip. In today’s panel, a woman at a store is berating him for depicting Ginger’s death.

In the last panel, she says, “What’s next? Garfield gets hit by a car? That okay with you? Beetle Bailey steps on a land mine in Iraq? How 'bout that? Little Billy gets busted stealing candy bars maybe?”

It’s the July 30 strip:

Yes. And? Family Circus is a particular favorite for cross-strip references and parodies.

Maybe Farley could die again!

Well, yes, it’s an obvious reference. Why is it worthy of a thread?

Okay, sorry, my bad. I see so many here ripping on Family Circus that I thought some would find it amusing that it was poked in Get Fuzzy. I’ve never seen it mentioned in another comic strip. :rolleyes:

What’s the Get Fuzzy connection?