Family Documentary Videos and YouTube: a winning combo?

The Mrs. is from the “old country”, and has many interesting tales to tell once I coax them out of her. I regret dragging my feet on recording her father, who has now past.

Thus far I’ve only made a few short subject-specific videos (just a straight interview) whilst I tweak my lighting and a few other technical details.

She is the eldest of her generation, and I want her memories of what life was like to be available for future generations. Other than burning DVDs and distributing them, is uploading to YouTube the best overall solution for longevity (as we understand it now) and wide distribution to those interested?

I’m recording and generating the finished product as HD (1920x1080) MP4 files. Any issues with that and YouTube?

I’m not interested in monetization, and the subject matter would only appeal to a small audience anyway.