Family fights back when 3 gunmen storm their home

This family got lucky. Their son may have saved all their lives that night.

It was a tragedy.

A tragedy that two got away.

With all the houses that are empty over half the day, why does anyone break in while people are home?

one possible answer

“I knew you were coming, so I baked you a cake.”

Seriously, the son showed bravery and grace under pressure. I’m sure he feels badly about taking a life, but it was either the intruder or he and his family. I hope he does take comfort in that and doesn’t let himself feel consumed by guilt. After all, the intruders were the guilty parties in all of this. The son ultimately did a good thing in protecting his home and his family.

Why does anyone break into somebody’s homes considering the consequences? Because they’re stupid, and lack morals.

Good on that, son. That’s one hell of a story he’ll have. Bet he has no problem finding a woman. :slight_smile:


One thing I learned in three decades of working in prisons: there are a lot of really stupid criminals in the world.

Thank God there was a gun at the ready; who knows what these guys might have done.

Yeah. No better way to snag a woman than with an exciting story of how you had to shoot those criminals who were going after your parents. Bet that’ll be a fun one to tell at the water cooler.

Too bad the family had to spend money for the bullets and clean up the blood in the bedroom.

Just wait till the relatives of the dead robber file a multi-million $$ wrongful death lawsuit against the kid. They will have to spend lots of money to defend their son. That is why killing intruders is a better way to go. The two who got away will testify to what a wonderful lad the dead guy was…“he was a devoted father…aspiring rapper…family man, etc.”

In other Houston news,

4-year-old boy dies after shooting himself.

Stabbing at shooting range.

9-year-old shot in the leg near shooting ranges.

I like my gun news balanced. :slight_smile:

It’s funny how seldom it comes up in life. I didn’t shoot the robber in our house. I just held him at gunpoint and made him call the cops. Kept the gun on him till the cops got there.

Yeah, but if even one bad guy is shot for every 10 accidental shootings, it’s worth it. Or something.

Ok, maybe that point of view is a bit crass. Still, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. What’s wrong with owning it? This kid showed true bravery and presence of mind when it counted the most. I’d be proud.

You could say the smart ones are still out there.

And this is exactly the kind of attitude that makes gun control advocates think everyone not in favor of gun control is some kind of Dirty Harry wannabee psycho.

“Man, I can’t wait until someone breaks into my home so I can shoot them in the face…I hope it’s more than one! The only thing better than one dead guy is three dead guys!”

Responsible gun owners don’t go around hoping to use their gun, they do so as a last resort. They would be glad that they only had to shoot one person instead of three.

One dead schitzo-paranoid,
one live normal
itsza draw…

Because its easier to beat the location of the best stuff out of someone than to actually look for it?

The line around here is “He was turning his life around”