Family words

I’d like to know if some of the “family words” I remember from childhood (mine or of kin) exist in others’ memories as well. Surely our family (and that of Bil Keene, of “Family Circus”) could not be alone in calling spaghetti “basketti.”

Of course you are. Everyone knows the proper pronunciation is “pasketti”.

Well, a cousin pronounced it as “basketti”–hey, what did he know, he was only three. And we called the “heel” of a loaf of bread the “peep-full.”

Nonsense, the proper way to pronounce it is “skapetti”. My mother still calls it that.

Anyone remember “jump roping” instead of jumping rope?

I was always “jump roping” as a child.
I put “caputch” on my meat loaf (with smashed taters) And of course, my children loved “basketti”.

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“Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore”
Dorothy…“The Wizard of Oz”

My niece - 2yrs old - calls her father (my brother) what sounds like “khaki” instead of daddy and both he & his wife perpetuate it by using “khaki” when conversing to her.

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Kids, I think your basketti would be btter slurped in MPSIMS.

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We didn’t, to my recollection, use the term “jump-roping” (well, I didn’t, and I don’t think my older brother did either; I was born in 1949, and maybe my younger sister did–at that time, the 50s, it was not considered acceptable for boys to jump rope. And I was the only one in the family who did not take Spanish in school; during our teenage years we would ask, “Que hora es?” and another family member, who knew the time, would say, “son las” followed by the time given normally in English.