Famous couples with the same first name

British writer Evelyn Waugh was (briefly) married to a socialite named Evelyn Gardner.

Are there any other famous couples with the same first name?

Can’t think of any notable ones, but my mother knew a Terry/Terri.

Here’s a few, though not all of them married.

Not celebrities, but I know a male/female couple both named Luca.

Do they live on the second floor?

…sorry, could not help myself.

:laughing: I don’t know which floor they live on, but it’s perfectly possible that both were named after the song. They are in the right age bracket.

I hope they weren’t named after the song, considering what it’s about.

Anyway, the kid’s name in the song is actually spelled Luka.

I’m not sure about the spelling, might as well be Luka.

ETA: and as for being named after the song: this is in Germany where many people don’t know English well enough to understand what a song like “Luka” is about and just consider it as a harmless pop song.

Well, the couple I know of are famous in the fairly niche world of horse sports, specifically Eventing. They are Leslie and Lesley Law. When they compete at the same show she generally goes by Lesley Grant Law.

Tcha. If they’re BOTH named “Luca”, surely they’d now live on the FOURTH floor!

Not a current couple, but Taylor Swift dated Taylor Lautner for a while, during her run-in with Kanye West.
And a quick look at Wikipedia tells me Taylor Lautner is now dating a different woman named Taylor

My grandparents, Harry and Harriet.

I wondered if the female writer George Eliot ever had a famous partner called George, and she did. Famous enough for url=“https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Henry_Lewes”] his own Wikipedia entry, anyway. [/url] That was before she was known as George Eliot, though, and she chose her first name due to him.

In 1927 Evelyn Waugh married Evelyn Gardner. Their friends referred to then as He-Evelyn and She-Evelyn.

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I have married friends who both answer to Jo(e).
Presumably it’s also not that uncommon for same sex couples to have the same first name?

I’ve known two Paul and Paula couples, which is a lot, considering I don’t know that many people.

On one reality show I watched, I was amused when Aaron was dating Erin.

I wonder whether there are any English dialects in which those two names are pronounced distinctly.

I knew a Yusaf and a Josephine…does that count?