Famous Faithful Musicians/Singers

I understand there’s no way to know this conclusively unless your either said musician/singer, or you’ve slept with them extra-maritally. But, who have you heard, read about, or suspect has been faithful to their significant others?

There used to be (still is?) a groupie website where you can look someone up and find out their ‘rating.’ Needless to say, that alone can supposedly rule out a lot of folks. :stuck_out_tongue: And if I remember correctly, I was surprised to discover a little alleged infidelity with some… like a couple of band members from Aerosmith, and at the time, Bon Jovi. 'Cause ya know, he’s all about the true love with Althea.

So what do you guys think?

The only person I hope is, without a shadow of a doubt, is Rob Thomas. Please don’t anyone disabuse me of this notion. :wink: For I’ve already called dibs if he’s willing. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Paul McCartney. He and Linda were pretty much inseparable; I heard that when Paul went to jail in Japan it was the first time they’d ever spent even one day apart since their marriage. Sounds like he never gave himself an opportunity to be unfaithful, and I’d guess he’s the same with his new wife.

I’m not old enough to know for sure, as I was about seven when he was killed, but what about John Lennon?

John and Yoko spent about 13 months apart (but still married) in the early 1970’s, during which time John had relationships, including with Yoko’s former secretary. But otherwise, I’d be surprised if he “fooled around”.

Of course, John was a pretty bad husband to his *first * wife, Cynthia.

I should have thought of Paul. Duh me.

What about Carlos Santana?