John Lennon and Yoko Ono.......WTF!

Whats up with this pairing? John Lennon, as the frontman for the most successful rock band in history, could have had damn near any woman he desired. Instead, he picks an unattractive(in my opinion) woman.
Did Yoko Ono have some kind of psychological hold over Lennon? Surely he did’nt love her because of her looks! Also, having seen interviews with Ono, her intelligence seems only about average.

Beauty is in. . . oh, Jesus, why even f-ing bother with this OP.

Sir Rhosis

Mafeking has been relieved!!

Also, having read the OP, your intelligence seems only about average.

Love is a strange thing, my friend. A Victoria’s Secret model she aint, but to John she was a very beautiful person.

My point was’nt really to judge Yoko Ono on her looks.

I just think that theirs was a very unusual pairing.


Perhaps I was too crass with you, sorry, it’s been a trying day. People have different tastes. I personally find myself attracted to women most of the world world consider twenty-five pounds overweight (curves!) and with short hair. These two things may repulse you. So be it.

Your OP was phrased poorly and flippantly, imho, which is why you may not get serious replies.

Did Yoko have a psychological hold over John? Yeah, I think it’s called love, plus I believe a case has been made that he treated her somewhat as a lover/mother figure, she being older than he.

Sir Rhosis

Lennon has spoken about it, and what attracted him most to Yoko was her mind. She was a very interesting conceptual artist, and not particularly stupid, and John fell in love with her partly because of the way she looked at the world.

Lennon was not an extremely handsome man, IMHO, either. But re: Yoko, I thought she looked pretty good in those older photos with her very long hair.

Did you know? One time? John and Yoko? Got naked? And they put their picture? On a record album cover? And you could see everything? Even their naughty bits?

Barking Spider

[hijack] Do I know you? Do you go to TAMU?[/hijack]

SpaceGhost- No, I dont go to TAMU, whatever that is.

Barking Spider: Of COURSE you were attacking her for her looks. Don’t try to weasel out. If she was exactly the same person, only she looked like Heather Locklear, you wouldn’t have asked the question.

I don’t know what Lennon saw in her, for the simple reason that I don’t know her. For all I know, she’s a lovely mother and a wonderful, warm person. Or maybe she’s an avante-garde nutcase and happened to feed John’s ego. Or maybe there’s something else entirely. At the time Lennon met her, she was a fairly well known ‘artist’. I put ‘artist’ in quotes because I don’t think she had any talent at all, but this was the 60’s, and there was no quality control. She also appeared to worship him.

I’m guessing that you’re pretty young. Get some experience with women, and you’ll discover that looks are nice, but the most beautiful woman in the world will make your life hell if she’s a horrible person, and the most unattractive woman can make your life wonderful if she has other traits that complement yours and has a warm heart. But granted, it takes a long time for people to learn that, and some never do.

I think that Yoko has a very attractive figure. But as others pointed out, that’s not the point. She is an extremely intelligent woman. She has successfully managed the Lennon Estate and when John was “taking time off” to raise Sean, Yoko dealt with all the business arrangements in their life. As others mentioned, she’s also quite the conceptial artist. Furthermore, they were on the same level. They had a lot of things in common, they had the same ideals of world peace, love, etc.
All in all, I’d say they were perfect for each other. We should all be so lucky.

People don’t love people because of their looks. IMO she was very attractive indeed in her younger days, but I’ve been in Asia for a long time and find women with vast quantities of blonde hair, huge teeth and massive boobs a complete turn off (well, I can live with the boobs I guess :)).

pepperlandgirl: I see you dont harbor the ‘I hate Yoko’ sediments that a lot of rabid Beatles fans do. Good for you. I don’t think Yoko should be blamed for the Beatles breakup…and I am glad they broke up when they did…look at how pathetic the Stones are these days :slight_smile:

One thing I’d read somewhere was Yoko was the only woman John met who stood up to him. As the OP stated, John could have had just about any woman he wanted. At first, I suspect it was a novelty to him to A) meet someone smart enough to keep up with him and B) who didn’t put up with bullsh*t. But it clearly grew beyond that into a serious long-term (what…10? 12? year) relationship.


Technically 12, but they broke up for about a year (I believe) because of John’s “lost weekend”. He was pretty messed up in the early 70s. They reconciled at an Elton John concert. My memory is shaky on the details, but I’m thinking 72. Incidentally Elton John is Sean Lennon’s Godfather.

Of course I don’t blame Yoko for the break-up. That is a very simplistic view of what happened, and I usually doubt the intelligence of people who actually believe it was all her fault.

Homer Simpson: Yoko Ono!? Humf, she ruined the Plastic Ono Band.

I thought it was some guy saying I got Paul out of Wings, and Homer decked him saying, He was the best one!

BTW, it was actually PAUL who first made the split with the group. From what I hear, the other three were so pissed they drove by Paul’s house or whatever and John threw a rock through the window.
Besides, if it wasn’t Yoko, it would’ve been something else. That was just an excuse.

Heh, Guin I never heard the one about the rock through the window.
According to the Anthology, they all took turns quitting the band. Paul was the last one to do so, but the first to do it publically. Ringo quit and the others talked him into coming back, then George, then John. Each time they came back. Paul quit, only he released a solo album when he did and announced he was leaving the group. The timing kinda took the other 3 by surprise.

From listening to Double Fantasy, I gather they had a fairly rocky relationship…but sometimes those are the strongest kind.

I remember hearing Yoko say that she wasn’t really into the Beatles when she met John, and didn’t even know who he really was. If thats true, maybe John was just relieved to meet a woman who wasn’t fawning over him like most other young women were doing then.

Trust me, that can get irritating :wink: