Famous Moustache 'wearers' Under 40

Hopefully this isn’t mundane and so is in the right forum.

A discussion at work about moustaches seemed to throw up the fact that they’re not popular anymore.

Although there’s a lot of famous moustaches from yesteryear (Einstein, Selleck, Taft) there seems to be very few people under 40 that sport a moustache (without beard).

I can’t think of any Briton under 40 that has a moustache.

Can anyone think of anyone famous, anywhere in the world, that is under 40 and has a moustache?


Jason Lee from “My Name is Earl” sports a moustache, though I’m sure he does it mainly for the role. And yes, he is under 40.

“Redneck” comedian Jeff Foxworthy.

Foxworthy is pushing 50.

Jeff Kent, the baseballer, maybe?

D’oh - should have looked it up. He looks young.

In the US, mustaches became popular in the late 60s, early 70s. I remember some news story tying it to the (very successful) movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid– both Newman and Redford sported mustaches in that film. Guys in their early twenties then would in their 50s now, and by the time the 90s came around, it was goatees that everyone wanted.

Lee sported a full beard in most of his earlier film roles, such as Chasing Amy and Enemy of the State.

Colin Farrell had a mustache in his role for the forgettable Miami Vice movie last year. Jack Black sports one about half the time. Ashton Kutcher has experimented. I’m sure there are others.

NBA player Adam Morrison has sported a mustache since his college days. He led the nation in scoring and was the number three overall pick in the draft, but there were more stories written about his facial hair than his play on the court. I guess that’s what passes for sportswriting these days. :rolleyes:

Quite similiar to the UK really.
Although quite a few footballers in the 80’s had moustaches so they were still popular 20 years ago.

Then the goatee took over.

I suspect it’s probably easier to think of famous people with beards under 40 than it would be moustaches.

George Parros of the Anaheim Ducks is a cult figure in the NHL, due to his 70s-style porn-stache.


The band The Killers has a couple 'staches amongst them.

Must be the mustache.

Do I count as famous? There’s people all over the world reading my words right now. Well, you are, at least, and that counts for something.

To you, maybe.

I’ve got one, and I’m 35. Goatees are so '90s. Mustaches are coming back in. Mark my words.

That’s what I keep telling the wife, anyway.

I’m actually toying with the idea of slowly, gradually migrating to a toothbrush.

I figure if I just phase it in, people won’t notice.

When you see everybody wearing one in 2010 or so, you’ll know who to thank.

Mustaches are definitely coming back among hipsters. I’ve said this before - I know at least 5 or 6 rocker guys under 25 who sport mustaches with no beard, including local musician Alex Clark. I myself wore a mustache for a few weeks some months ago, although I eventually let the full beard grow back. And I’ll probably shave the beard off again some time in the future. During the time when I had the mustache, a lot of people dug it, including my girlfriend.

Redford had a moustache, but Newman was clean shaven.