Famous movie lines in internet speak

For some reason, star trek 5 popped into my head. And when it did, I saw, in my head, the famous line as:

kirk: “wtf does god need w/ a starship???”

don’t know why.

So I thought it might be a fun thread.

“u cant be told wut the matr1x is, u haf to c it 4 urself!!”

“ic dead peeps”

“if it bleeds we can pwnz it”

“omg u shall not pass!!!11”
It makes me feel dirty to type like that, even as a joke.

In al guilds in al game, y she tp in mine?!?

Terminator: “brb.”

2 b or not 2 b, that is teh questionz0rs.

(I am filled with so much self-loathing right now…) :frowning:

(go with me on this one. . .)

IMHO he couldn’t refuse.

Well, there’s Teh Tw0 T0werz

[Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas are running across Rohan still]
Gimli: “…”
Legolas: “FFS, Hide!”
Aragorn: “Sif! Hey foos, sup?”
Eomer: “WTF tard.”
Eomer: “Clan {S} Are teh pwn in Rohan. Theoden has been hacked. WTF u doing here?”
Aragorn: “We r teh tracking teh Uruk-hai.”
Eomer: “Teh Uruk-hai are teh dead.”
Legolas: “OMG”
Aragorn: “And teh hobbits?”
Eomer: “Wtf is a hobbit?”

“Get these muthafuckin’ snakes of my muthafuckin’ plane!”


Whoops, thought the op title was “Movie lines made famous by the internet”.

Carry on…

Luke after Darth destorys the Emperor:


I= |), /-\ // /< |_ / /\/\ / |) |≡ ∆ Я 1 |) () // ‘][’ (> | / 3 4 |) /~\ //\ // !!!111one.

ph33r m3.

This is wrong. Just wrong.

(What is FFS? and what is Sif? The lingo has changed since Cecil’s column What the heck is “leetspeek?”

The scene: The Uruk Hai Birthing pits at Isengard. An Uruk Hai bursts out of the sac, grabs a smaller orc and chokes him to death.

Uruk Hai: WTF? Spawn camping n00bz r teh sux0rz!

Sif = as if
ffs = for fuck’s sake

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SomethingAwful did this a while back in the Comedy Goldmine.

My favorite one was a picture of Neo in mid-bent backward bullet dodge with the title “OMG LAG!!”

Uh… Palooka. What the hell?

Reality is teh suxxor.

(What, don’t titles count?)