Famous Pairs

At our holiday party this year, I’m considered a game (voluntary, no Forced Family Fun) when participants get slips of paper with half a famous pair, and they have to find the person with the other half. Leaving aside the logistics of random distribution but being sure both halves get handed out, hit me with some pairs to use, where it’s pretty unambiguous that they go together.

So far I have

salt and pepper
Adam and Eve
bacon and eggs
Sonny and Cher (too old?)
peanut butter and jelly
cats and dogs
Barbie and Ken
sun and moon
up and down
back and forth
Grandma and Grandpa

Fred and Ginger

Kanye and Kim
hem and haw
half and half
man and boy
Twist and Shout

Ren and Stimpy

Cheech and Chong
Death and Taxes
Mary and Joseph
David and Goliath

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin

David and Bathsheeba
Cain and Abel
Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr
Sonny and Cher
Donny and Marie

love and marriage
horse and carriage
Betty and Veronica
Ginger and Mary Ann
bread and butter

Barack and Michelle
Malia and Sasha
Bill and Hillary

this and that
here and there
inside and outside
up and down
in and out
salt and pepper
ham and cheese
bacon and eggs
onramp and offramp
math and science

Lucy and Ricky
Fred and Ethel
black and white
steak and potatoes
peanut butter and jelly
rock and roll

This would be more fun if the previous poster put the 1st word, leaving the 2nd one to be filled in by the next poster. But hey, your game…

Lennon and McCartney
Batman And Robin
Bogie And Bacall
meat and potatoes

Jack and Jill
Heckle and Jeckle
Tom and Jerry
Beauty and the Beast
Dagwood and Blondie

It’s more a plea for help than a game but I thought it was too close to a game for MPSIMS.

But that’s a good point - If I’ve thought of one, it would be a good test of whether it is easily recognizable.

cheese and

That’s a good one! Of course I have to think of all the ways someone will be offended by whatever I do, so giving someone “The Beast” may not work. :smack:


Romeo and


Oberon and

Jayne Mansfield
Ursula Andress
Carol Doda

Twisted pear.

I assume this means famous boobage, and that definitely won’t fly at a company party! :stuck_out_tongue:

So here’s where I need to be careful – I can’t give out “cheese and crackers” and “wine and cheese” or confusion will ensue!

nickel and